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Product Hunt alternative for Developer

Discover, compare & find alternatives to programming tools on Find Dev Tools - The product hunt alternative for Devs

6 months ago

Software developer tools - choose your weapon

As a software developer, the right tools can improve productivity and work quality. Essential tools include a code editor, version control system, IDE, debugging tools, test automation tools, etc!

10 months ago

10 Simple Steps to Get Started with Programming

Learn how to program in 10 simple steps, including choosing a programming language, finding online resources, practicing, working on personal projects, collaborating with others, participating in hackathons, contributing to open source projects, taking online courses, and finding a mentor.

10 months ago

Should I use no code tool or program it myself ?

As a developer or maker, you may have asked yourself whether it's better to use a no-code tool or to program a solution yourself

10 months ago

How to promote stuff to developer?

Without the right promotion, your product could get lost in the shuffle and fail to gain the traction it deserves from developers

11 months ago

Best programming tools for beginning web development

Choosing the right tools for web development can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, here is the list for you

1 year ago

Exploring what is Browser developer tools

Browser developer tools are a set of tools that allow web developers to inspect and debug the browser engine and its rendering processes.

1 year ago

What are Developer Tools?

Developer tools are essential for software developers who work on websites, mobile or embedded apps. Learn what they do and why they're so important!

1 year ago

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