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Top 11 Video API tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Video API developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Video API such as Mux, Ziggeo, JW Player, Banuba Video Editor SDK | API, Cloudinary, Vdocipher, Kaltura, Brightcove Video Cloud API, Twilio Video API, bunny.net CDN, yepic.ai to help you find your next Video API tool. .

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  1. Mux
  2. Ziggeo
  3. JW Player
  4. Banuba Video Editor SDK | API
  5. Cloudinary
  6. Vdocipher
  7. Kaltura
  8. Brightcove Video Cloud API
  9. Twilio Video API
  10. bunny.net CDN
  11. yepic.ai

1. Mux

logo Mux


The internet's video infrastructure

πŸ›  Mux's Features

What can developer do with Mux

  • Upload a Video
  • Get thumbnails
  • Customize your player
  • Monitor streams
  • Real-Time Video

πŸ’° Mux's Pricing

How much does Mux cost?

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 06.28.37.png

2. Ziggeo

logo Ziggeo


Capture, curate + manage videos with Ziggeo's video recording/playback API + native SDKs.

πŸ›  Ziggeo's Features

What can developer do with Ziggeo

Video Recorder

Records + uploads videos from any device/browser. Supports HTML-5 / WebRTC. Mobile-friendly, responsive, and fully customizable.

Video Transcoder

Automatically transcodes to all desired formats. No complicated settings. Highly customizable. Includes video uploader.

Video Player

Plays videos across all devices/browsers. Is responsive, embeddable, and fully customizable. Styleable with themes.

Video SDKs

Native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. Supports seamless video recording and video playback across all apps, browsers and devices.

Video Manager

Organize, curate, brand and launch videos from your own personal dashboard. Our management system streamlines your process.

Screen Recorder

Ziggeo has launched the ability to record computer desktop screens right from the browser.

Video AI

Audio Transcription, Keyword Extraction, NSFW Filtering, Object Detection make your videos classifiable.

Video Analytics

Understand when, where and how your customers are recording and playing your videos.

Video Hosting

All your video hosting needs, including content delivery. Permanent or temporary hosting. Push services also available.

πŸ’° Ziggeo's Pricing

How much does Ziggeo cost?

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 06.39.25.png

3. JW Player

logo JW Player

JW Player

Easily stream video at any scale, expand & engage your audiences on any screen, and monetize your content.

πŸ›  JW Player's Features

What can developer do with JW Player


Easily stream live or VOD securely at any scale on a single SaaS solution Video Delivery


Render content reliably and beautifully on every screen with best-in-class web player & OTT Video Playout


Surface the most relevant content to deepen engagement and drive more plays Video Engagement


Monetize your content with a host of integrated features for AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and PPV

πŸ’° JW Player's Pricing

How much does JW Player cost?

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 06.46.28.png

4. Banuba Video Editor SDK | API

πŸ›  Banuba Video Editor SDK | API's Features

What can developer do with Banuba Video Editor SDK | API


  • Hands-Free Mode
  • Zoom, Exposition
  • Recording Speed
  • Background Music Browser
  • Flash/Torch
  • Video Recording
  • Video Reactions
  • (Picture-In-Picture)

Video Editing

  • Slide-Show from Photos
  • Trimming & Concatenation
  • Splitting
  • Aspect Ratios
  • Editing Timeline
  • Voice Recording
  • Background Music Browser
  • Drafts
  • Mubert integration

Graphical Effects

  • 25 Color Filters / LUTs
  • 10 Visual Effects
  • Slow Motion & Fast Forward
  • Text Captions
  • GifYou API Integration
  • Voice Effects
  • AR masks
  • Face AR API Integration

Banuba Video Editor SDK supports React Native and Flutter, as well as native technologies.

πŸ’° Banuba Video Editor SDK | API's Pricing

How much does Banuba Video Editor SDK | API cost?

No public pricing information

5. Cloudinary

logo Cloudinary


Streamline media management and improve user experience by automatically delivering images and videos, enhanced and optimized for every user.

πŸ›  Cloudinary's Features

What can developer do with Cloudinary

Automatic optimization

Send the best quality media every time, formatted to the user’s device/connection.

Object-aware smart crop

Perfect your assets with AI-powered object cropping that identifies the must-keep sections of your image or video. Thousands of out-of-the-box object categories make the process fast and accurate.

Smart Video Crop

Ensure that the most relevant portions of your content are the main focus throughout the duration of each video.

Auto responsive

Website and app users automatically view images and videos in the correct size and shape for their device.


Ensures the fastest possible delivery of visual experiences by dynamically switching to the best CDN route.

πŸ’° Cloudinary's Pricing

How much does Cloudinary cost?


Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 19.07.50.png


Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 19.07.58.png

6. Vdocipher

logo Vdocipher


Video playing through VdoCipher can not be downloaded or pirated. Packaged secure video hosting for business.

πŸ›  Vdocipher's Features

What can developer do with Vdocipher

DRM Encrypted Streaming

DRM encrypted video streaming technology ensures that no downloader, plugin can grab your content. Highest security from video piracy with Widevine DRM.

Watermarking to Deter Screen Capture

Viewer specific moving/static watermark with email, user id, IP, time stamp. Customise color, speed, transparency, size for watermark. Secure dynamic urls, Geo Restriction.

Amazon AWS Server + CDN

AWS powered server, transcoding & CDN infrastructure to ensure smooth playback across 6 continents.

Custom Video Player

Make your player yours with our Customizable video player with easy toggles, Speed change, Forward/rewind, Multi-quality adaptive & Responsive player, Add Subtitles.

Plugins For Wordpress & Moodle

Quickly integrate with popular CMS with DRM + watermark securty. Works well with other wordpress based LMSes and ensures highest security.


Integrate and automate your workflow for upload and embed via our APIs and SDKs.

Upload From Anywhere

Upload from desktop, Dropbox, Drive, Server, AWS, url, Ftp, Use dashboard or APIs to automate the upload process. You can also use APIs to upload from your website/app.

Device Compatibility

Reach to audience worldwide on Desktop, Android , IOS. SDK Integration support for Android and IOS Native apps. HTML 5 adaptive player for ease of playback.

Easy Dashboard

Dashboard to upload/import videos, configure security settings, customise thumbnail, subtitle, organise in folders, get video analytics etc.

Customer Support

VdoCipher support is always near. You can contact us via Support portal inside dashboard for any custom requirement.

πŸ’° Vdocipher's Pricing

How much does Vdocipher cost?

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 11.19.21.png

7. Kaltura

logo Kaltura


APIs, SDKs and developer tools for all things video.

πŸ›  Kaltura's Features

What can developer do with Kaltura

Simple embeddingβ€―

Let your users create and manage live webcasts directly from where you have them. They won’t even know we’re there

Built-in engagements

Q&A, slide sync, announcements, polls and more interactive capabilities to keep your audience fully engaged before, during, and after

Live & VOD

All these live sessions aren’t going anywhere but straight to VOD. You can also choose to edit your recording and repurpose it however you want

Flawless streaming

High Speed, superb quality. No compromises under any condition

At any scale

Easily broadcast with confidence any event of any size

Plus, simulive mode

Pre-record your content, then stream it live. Again and again

πŸ’° Kaltura's Pricing

How much does Kaltura cost?

No public pricing information

8. Brightcove Video Cloud API

logo Brightcove Video Cloud API

Brightcove Video Cloud API

Brightcove offers a scalable, reliable, and secure streaming platform that allows organizations to host, share, and stream video content.

πŸ›  Brightcove Video Cloud API's Features

What can developer do with Brightcove Video Cloud API

Ingest API

Deliver consistent high-quality, smooth video with adaptive bitrate live streaming. Reach your audience on the web or mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android with simultaneous RTMP and HLS outputs. Customize renditions or use out-of-the-box SD/HD sets to optimize playback for any viewer’s screen size or network conditions.

Player API

Our Player API allows you to create customized player experiences and player behavior. In the Player API we support video player customization via CSS through standard JavaScript. We also provide an extensive library of player plug-ins to extend the functionality of your video player experience and sample code for implementing custom behavior.

Playback API

The Playback API makes it easy to integrate video content managed in Video Cloud with custom players on different or more specialized platforms. The Playback API can also integrate video metadata within custom apps and sites for more customized experiences. At its heart, this API is built to support massive scale in complex video deployments.


For organizations that want to integrate Video Cloud directly into the video publishing workflow, the CMS API provides read and write access to Video Cloud metadata. This enables publishers to publish content from the systems they already know and love, like Content Management Systems (CMS) and other automated tools, speeding up time to site and improving ease of use.

Analytics API

The Analytics API allows developers and partners to build Video Cloud video analytics directly into their applications. This gives business intelligence teams, business analysts, and video producers key insights into how their video content is performing, and allows them to optimize their online video experiences.

Player Management API

Our Player Management API allows the easy addition of player plugins and automatic CDN publishing. The API is clearly documented, making it easy to transition from the guided configuration of Video Cloud Studio into a more customized, API-driven process.

Live Transcoding API

In addition to Video Cloud Live Module's simplified workflow for non-technical users, we also offer a complete Live Cloud Transcoding API for developers. Developers can access an extensive API for live transcoding, and the service scales instantly to meet your needs. Simply input an RTMP feed to transcode live video to multi-bitrate, adaptive streams for playback on any Internet connected device.

Video Cloud SDKs

Video Cloud SDKs give you the tools you need to jump-start projects and deliver great video applications. SDKs for iOS, tvOS, Android and AndroidTV give you what it takes to bring video to your mobile applications and connected TV experiences.

πŸ’° Brightcove Video Cloud API's Pricing

How much does Brightcove Video Cloud API cost?

No public pricing information

9. Twilio Video API

logo Twilio Video API

Twilio Video API

The platform provides APIs, SDKs, and helper tools to capture, distribute, record, and render high quality audio and video applications.

πŸ›  Twilio Video API's Features

What can developer do with Twilio Video API

Define your digital brand

  • Control the look and feel of your video experience with virtual backgrounds
  • Support consumers across all devices and major browsers with SDKs for JS, iOS, and Android
  • Customize your video chat layout to match your brand, or use a template
  • Record video for future reference and securely store media by generating encrypted recordings

Get started and scale in minutes

  • Get-to-market quickly with developer tools, sample code, and technical documentation
  • Add real-time voice and PSTN calling to your web applications
  • Optimize your application proactively with Video Insights, a free tool for advanced video performance and data analysis
  • GDPR compliant

High-quality, immersive video

  • Build engaging video applications optimized to function across all network conditions
  • Minimize background noise with AI-powered Noise Cancellation
  • Determine which participant video tracks to prioritize with the Network Bandwidth Profile API
  • Monitor participant network quality with the Network Quality API
  • Add animates, whiteboards, text-based chat, and more for engagement

πŸ’° Twilio Video API's Pricing

How much does Twilio Video API cost?

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 18.54.05.png

10. bunny.net CDN

logo bunny.net CDN

bunny.net CDN

Hop on bunny.net and speed up your web presence with the next-generation Content Delivery Service (CDN), Edge Storage, and Optimization Services at any scale.

πŸ›  bunny.net CDN's Features

What can developer do with bunny.net CDN


Performance matters, and it’s our goal to take it to the next level. bunny.net helps you supercharge your web presence with powerful features designed for efficient global caching and content optimization to squeeze out every last millisecond of performance.


Not all networks are crafted the same. bunny.net gives you a direct line to one of the fastest networks in the world, designed for a true planet-scale reach that’s always just a hop away from your users.


Take advantage of robust security features that allow you to control who, when, and for how long end-user can access your content. Stop bad bots and block attacks before they ever reach your server. bunny.net helps you stay safe at all times.


Get the full insights into your traffic with a live monitoring map, real-time statistics, full logging, and reporting tools. bunny.net helps you spot bottlenecks, connectivity, or server issues and keep your infrastructure running smoothly at all times.

πŸ’° bunny.net CDN's Pricing

How much does bunny.net CDN cost?

Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 20.24.12.png

11. yepic.ai

logo yepic.ai


Turn text into video within your application by adding Yepics TTV (Text To Video) API to our workflow.

πŸ›  yepic.ai's Features

What can developer do with yepic.ai

Standard Branch v Fast Branch

This comparison page will explain how fast branch and standard branch are unique and have their own strengths. It would highlight the differences and similarities between the two types of branches. By exploring the differences, you can find out and determine which branch would best meet your needs.

Standard Branch Fast Branch
Estimated render speed 10 - 20 minutes In a few seconds (real-time)
Expressions Auto Driven Style Driven
API Access βœ… βœ…
Crop Head and Shoulders Head and Shoulders
Voices βœ… βœ…
Soundtracks βœ… βœ…
50+ Languages βœ… βœ…
Available avatars βœ… βœ…
Custom avatars βœ… βœ…
Slides & Transitions βœ… ❌
Background βœ… ❌
Edit video resolution ❌ βœ…
Edit video dimension ❌ βœ…
Add custom voice support ❌ βœ…
Add Text βœ… ❌
Add Shapes βœ… ❌

πŸ’° yepic.ai's Pricing

How much does yepic.ai cost?

Developer Plans

Elevate your products by seamlessly integrating our API.


Β£1 One time payment


  • 100 Credits (one-time)
  • Fast Video Rendering
  • 14 days to use credits
  • API only (No studio or express access)

Developer Plus

Β£20 per user / month


  • 200 Credits/Month
  • Priority Video Rendering
  • 900 credits bonus when you share your project in Discord within 14 days of sign up.
  • API only (No studio or express access)

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A video API, or Application Programming Interface, allows developers to integrate video-related functionalities into their applications or websites. These APIs provide a set of methods, protocols, and tools that enable developers to interact with video content, such as uploading, encoding, streaming, analyzing, and manipulating videos.

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