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Top 13 text editor tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of text editor developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for text editor such as Sublime Text, VIM, Visual Studio Code, Emacs, JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, PlayCode, Graviton Editor, Neovim, VSCodium, UltraEdit, BlockNote, Thunderpad, Bytes Editor to help you find your next text editor tool. .

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  1. Sublime Text
  2. VIM
  3. Visual Studio Code
  4. Emacs
  5. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA
  6. PlayCode
  7. Graviton Editor
  8. Neovim
  9. VSCodium
  10. UltraEdit
  11. BlockNote
  12. Thunderpad
  13. Bytes Editor

1. Sublime Text

logo Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose

πŸ›  Sublime Text's Features

What can developer do with Sublime Text

  • Effortlessly Split Panes and Navigate Between Code
  • Side-by-Side Mode for Definitions
  • Definitions in Auto Complete
  • Use Multiple Selections to rename variables quickly

New in Sublime Text 4

Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64
Sublime Text for Mac now includes native support for Apple Silicon processors. Linux ARM64 builds are also available for devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Refreshed UI
The Default and Adaptive themes have been refreshed with new tab styles and inactive pane dimming. Themes and Color Schemes support auto dark-mode switching. The Adaptive theme on Windows and Linux now features custom title bars.

Context-Aware Auto Complete
The auto complete engine has been rewritten to provide smart completions based on existing code in a project. Suggestions are also augmented with info about their kind, and provide links to definitions.

GPU Rendering
Sublime Text can now utilize your GPU on Linux, Mac and Windows when rendering the interface. This results in a fluid UI all the way up to 8K resolutions, all while using less power than before.

πŸ’° Sublime Text's Pricing

How much does Sublime Text cost?

Sublime Text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use.

License : $99 USD

2. VIM

logo VIM


Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. It is included as "vi" with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X.

πŸ›  VIM's Features

What can developer do with VIM

Vim is rock stable and is continuously being developed to become even better. Among its features are:

  • persistent, multi-level undo tree
  • extensive plugin system
  • support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats
  • powerful search and replace
  • integrates with many tools

πŸ’° VIM's Pricing

How much does VIM cost?


3. Visual Studio Code

logo Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Visual Studio Code is free and available on your favorite platform - Linux, macOS, and Windows.

πŸ›  Visual Studio Code's Features

What can developer do with Visual Studio Code

Meet IntelliSense.

Go beyond syntax highlighting and autocomplete with IntelliSense, which provides smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules.

Print statement debugging is a thing of the past.

Debug code right from the editor. Launch or attach to your running apps and debug with break points, call stacks, and an interactive console.

Git commands built-in.

Working with Git and other SCM providers has never been easier. Review diffs, stage files, and make commits right from the editor. Push and pull from any hosted SCM service.

Extensible and customizable.

Want even more features? Install extensions to add new languages, themes, debuggers, and to connect to additional services. Extensions run in separate processes, ensuring they won't slow down your editor.

πŸ’° Visual Studio Code's Pricing

How much does Visual Studio Code cost?


4. Emacs

logo Emacs


An extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor β€” and more

πŸ›  Emacs's Features

What can developer do with Emacs

  • Content-aware editing modes, including syntax coloring, for many file types.
  • Complete built-in documentation, including a tutorial for new users.
  • Full Unicode support for nearly all human scripts.
  • Highly customizable, using Emacs Lisp code or a graphical interface.
  • A wide range of functionality beyond text editing, including a project planner, mail and news reader, debugger interface, calendar, IRC client, and more.
  • A packaging system for downloading and installing extensions.

πŸ’° Emacs's Pricing

How much does Emacs cost?


5. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

logo JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

A Capable and Ergonomic Java IDE for Enterprise Java, Scala, Kotlin and much more...

πŸ›  JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA's Features

What can developer do with JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

Deep intelligence

After IntelliJ IDEA has indexed your source code, it offers a blazing fast and intelligent experience by giving relevant suggestions in every context: instant and clever code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, and reliable refactoring tools.

Out-of-the-box experience

Mission-critical tools such as integrated version control systems and a wide variety of supported languages and frameworks are all to hand β€” no plugin hassle included.

Smart code completion

While the basic completion suggests names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords within the visibility scope, the smart completion suggests only those types that are expected in the current context.

Framework-specific assistance

While IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE for Java, it also understands and provides intelligent coding assistance for a large variety of other languages such as SQL, JPQL, HTML, JavaScript, etc., even if the language expression is injected into a String literal in your Java code.

Productivity boosters

The IDE predicts your needs and automates the tedious and repetitive development tasks, so you can stay focused on the big picture.

πŸ’° JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA's Pricing

How much does JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA cost?

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate - The most intelligent IDE for Java and Kotlin

New pricing from Oct 1, 2022

  • first year US $169.00
  • second year US $135.00
  • third year onwards US $101.00

All Products Pack- Get 11 IDEs, 3 extensions, 2 profilers, and a collaborative development service – all in one subscription.

New pricing from Oct 1, 2022

  • first year US $289.00
  • second year US $231.00
  • third year onwards US $173.00

6. PlayCode

logo PlayCode


The #1 JavaScript playground and sandbox to write, run and repl it. JavaScript playground is perfect for learning and prototyping javascript sandboxes. Fast. Easy to use.

πŸ›  PlayCode's Features

What can developer do with PlayCode

NPM Packages

Play with any of the 2 million NPM packages. React, Vue, Lodash, RxJs, p5.js, three.js, etc.

The Fastest Live View

See results as you type, instantly. Speed-up learning and code debugging. PlayCode is the fastest coding experience ever.

Code Autocomplete

Type code faster and easier with smart code autocomplete. It helps avoid looking for documentation every time and it adds confidence in your coding abilities.

Emmet Shortcuts

Emmet will make your HTML & CSS coding unbelievable smooth and fast.

Bug Finder

PlayCode will find and show you all the errors and help you fix them. It makes the process of "write, run, fix errors, again" instant.

Type Checking

Use the full power of TypeScript. Catch errors early. See typings and issues in the editor. Typings install automatically.

Documentation On Hover

The documentation is at your fingertips. No need to Open Google and constantly look for how to use this or that function.


Find errors instantly, even when you have 1000 lines of code. The minimap will show all errors and warnings.

Preview in a New Window

Use the new browser window to debug the result. Check responsive websites or use multiple monitors.


Upload images, videos, sounds, or any other file formats.

The Most Flexible Layout

Arrange the panels as you like. No, really, absolutely, whatever. Any location and size.

Color Themes

Light theme in the sun or dark in the evening. Switch between blue, dark, light and gray themes.

πŸ’° PlayCode's Pricing

How much does PlayCode cost?


For quickly testing small code snippets and learning JavaScript. Free For individuals

  • Unlimited projects
  • 8 lines of code
  • Assets storage 4 MB
  • Deploy up to 3 websites with intro

Personal Pro

For power users who want to do even more. $4.99 per month - billed annually $9.99 per month - billed monthly

  • Everything in Personal, plus
  • Unlimited lines of code
  • Interactive courses
  • Unlimited private projects
  • Assets storage 1000 MB
  • Deploy up to 3 websites
  • Custom domains & HTTPS
  • Custom subdomains
  • Priority support

Coding Bootcamp

For coding bootcamps to make learning process even better. $17.99 per seat - per month - billed annually $21 per seat - per month - billed monthly

  • Everything in Personal Pro, plus
  • One invoice for all seats
  • Student management
  • Track students courses progress
  • Assets storage 50 GB
  • Deploy unlimited websites
  • Premium support

7. Graviton Editor

logo Graviton Editor

Graviton Editor

Graviton Editor is an open source, free and cross-platform code editor.

πŸ›  Graviton Editor's Features

What can developer do with Graviton Editor


  • No freezes or lags
  • Fast startup time
  • Low memory usage
  • Scalable through a consistent and dev-friendly plugins API
  • Flexible workspace configurations
  • Respect privacy
  • Easy to use and pleasant UI
  • Stable Intellisense (LSP)

πŸ’° Graviton Editor's Pricing

How much does Graviton Editor cost?

Open source

8. Neovim

πŸ›  Neovim's Features

What can developer do with Neovim


  • API is first-class: discoverable, versioned, documented.
  • MessagePack structured communication enables extensions in any language.
  • Remote plugins run as co-processes, safely and asynchronously.
  • GUIs, IDEs, web browsers can --embed Neovim as an editor or script host.
  • Lua plugins are easy to create just like Vimscript plugins. Your config can live in init.lua!
  • AST-producing parsing engine enables faster, more accurate syntax highlighting, code navigation, refactoring, text objects, and motions.


  • Builtin LSP client for semantic code inspection and refactoring (go-to definition, "find references", format, …)
  • Strong defaults
  • Works the same everywhere: one build-type, one command
  • Modern terminal features such as cursor styling, focus events, bracketed paste
  • Builtin terminal emulator

Drop-in Vim

  • Fully compatible with Vim's editing model and Vimscript v1.
  • Start with :help nvim-from-vim if you already use Vim.

πŸ’° Neovim's Pricing

How much does Neovim cost?

Open source

9. VSCodium

logo VSCodium


Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VSCode

πŸ›  VSCodium's Features

What can developer do with VSCodium

The VSCodium project exists so that you don’t have to download+build from source. This project includes special build scripts that clone Microsoft’s vscode repo, run the build commands, and upload the resulting binaries for you to GitHub releases. These binaries are licensed under the MIT license. Telemetry is disabled.

πŸ’° VSCodium's Pricing

How much does VSCodium cost?

Open source and free

10. UltraEdit

logo UltraEdit


Publisher of the popular UltraEdit text editor and All Access suite of tools. Download UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UEStudio, UltraFTP, and UltraFinder.

πŸ›  UltraEdit's Features

What can developer do with UltraEdit

Unmatched performance on all file sizes.

Leverage UE’s powerful features to deal with the largest of projects.

One license. Three platforms.

Install on Windows, Mac, and Linux with one license.

3 for 1 licensing

Your personal license is good for up to 3 machines on any combination of platforms.

Optional Cloud

Services (Win only) Sync and share all your settings, files, and code snippets across all your systems in a single click

πŸ’° UltraEdit's Pricing

How much does UltraEdit cost?

Subscription Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 11.21.45.png

Perpetual Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 11.21.57.png

11. BlockNote

πŸ›  BlockNote's Features

What can developer do with BlockNote


BlockNote exposes an extensive API so you can integrate BlockNote into your app and add functionality to the editor.

Proven tech

BlockNote builds on top of Prosemirror and TipTap (two awesome open source projects), but is simpler to use. Prosemirror is a battle-tested framework, used by top organizations around the world to power their text-editing products.

React components

BlockNote is built for React and exposes easy-to-use components. However, it is possible to use BlockNote with other frameworks or Vanilla JS (advanced users).

πŸ’° BlockNote's Pricing

How much does BlockNote cost?

Open source

12. Thunderpad

logo Thunderpad


Simple and lightweight text editor

πŸ›  Thunderpad's Features

What can developer do with Thunderpad

  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Has various color schemes.
  • Distraction free features (such as full screen and/or Minimal Mode).
  • Includes "Minimal Mode", where the toolbar and statusbar are hidden.
  • Supports more advanced features, such as syntax highlighting and line numbers.
  • Can export the document as HTML or PDF.
  • Faster than other text editors.
  • Simple source code, which makes the programmer's life easier.
  • Tested on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Close integration with all supported platforms.

πŸ’° Thunderpad's Pricing

How much does Thunderpad cost?

Open source

13. Bytes Editor

logo Bytes Editor

Bytes Editor

Bytes is a fast, lightweight and easy to customise text editor.

πŸ›  Bytes Editor's Features

What can developer do with Bytes Editor

  • Fast & lightweight
  • Portable (zip file < 1MB)
  • Customise everything using a single language
  • Everything runs natively, there is no web or Python clutter
  • Built-in terminal emulator
  • Say goodbye to regex soup and work directly with tokens

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ About text editor

A text editor is a type of computer program that edits plain text. It has several features that allows a user to change the appearance of the text, such as font size and color.

Why is text-editor important for programmer?

A text editor is important for a programmer because it allows them to write and edit code. Without a text editor, a programmer would not be able to write or edit code.

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