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Top 8 remote working tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of remote working developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for remote working such as Gitbook, Unstop, Tuple, Onlineboard, vucac, livecycle.io, Pop, CoScreen to help you find your next remote working tool. .

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  1. Gitbook
  2. Unstop
  3. Tuple
  4. Onlineboard
  5. vucac
  6. livecycle.io
  7. Pop
  8. CoScreen

1. Gitbook

logo Gitbook


GitBook helps you publish beautiful docs and centralize your teams’ knowledge. From technical teams to the whole company.

πŸ›  Gitbook's Features

What can developer do with Gitbook

A powerful, simple editing experience.

Empower anyone in your team to collaborate on your docs through our powerful editor, no coding or design required.

Share beautiful docs without the hassle.

Your docs are already designed, so you can publish them anywhere in a matter of seconds. Working on GitHub? Sync your markdown files and transform them in beautiful docs with a click.

Connect your team across space and time.

Centralize your knowledge and collaborate with your team in a single, organized workspace for increased efficiency. Keep everyone on the same page and find what you're looking for at the right time.

πŸ’° Gitbook's Pricing

How much does Gitbook cost?

Community (Free)

  • Free For Open Source Projects
  • Asynchronous And Realtime Workflows
  • Unlimited Public Spaces
  • Content API (Beta)
  • GitHub & GitLab Sync
  • Custom Domains

Team $6.40

  • Per User Per Month
  • Starting At 5 Users
  • Everything In Community
  • Unlimited Private Spaces
  • Advanced Branding
  • Email Domain SSO
  • Our Most Popular Plan

Business $12

  • Per User Per Month
  • Starting At 20 Users
  • Everything In Team
  • Advanced Role-Based Permissions
  • Teams Permissions
  • PDF Export
  • Shareable Links


  • Plans Tailored To Your Needs
  • Everything In Business
  • Visitor Authentication
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Priority Support

2. Unstop

logo Unstop


Unstop helps companies discover, assess & hire the right talent via hackathons, accurate coding, non-tech & skill-based assessments, a virtual recruitment platform, and other engagements.

πŸ›  Unstop's Features

What can developer do with Unstop

Unstop enables companies to discover, engage, assess, and hire the right talent #BeyondBoundaries through gamified engagements - hackathons, coding challenges, business case competitions, simulation games, quizzes, hiring challenges, etc. This is in addition to the traditional method of custom job listings to take applications, do tech & non-tech skill-based MCQ and coding assessments, and take interviews.

3. Tuple

logo Tuple


Low latency, low CPU usage, no annoying UI chrome. Because programmers deserve better than a generic screen sharing tool.

πŸ›  Tuple's Features

What can developer do with Tuple

Seamless control for two

Tuple gives mouse and keyboard control to both parties. Handing off control takes one click, so you never need to dictate what you want your pair to do.

Crazy-low CPU usage

An active Tuple call often uses less CPU than Chrome does while sitting "idle". We're stingy with your CPU cycles so you've got space to spin up yet another Docker container.

Ridiculously crisp audio and video

Tuple streams in glorious 5K so you can read your pair's tiny programming font. Our audio is low-latency and super clear.

One click to start pairing

No need for clunky invites, URLs, β€œrooms”, or β€œhosts”. One click on your friends list and you're collaborating.

Draw on the screen

Turns out it's super handy to be able to draw while pairing. It's like your whole screen is a whiteboard.

No UI in your way

Tuple lives in your menu bar and has no persistent UI elements. You'll never struggle to read something that's hidden underneath our chrome.

πŸ’° Tuple's Pricing

How much does Tuple cost?


Tuple is free for OSS teams.

Engineering Teams

  • $35 per user per month
  • Unlimited pairing sessions
  • Pair with external collaborators for free
  • Single sign-on (SSO)


  • Starting at $25,000 per year
  • Custom contracts
  • Payment via invoice/PO
  • Active user pricing
  • Reduced per-user pricing at scale

4. Onlineboard

logo Onlineboard


Onlineboard allows you to create a whiteboard where others see everything in real-time as you draw it. No login, multiple colors, export to PNG.

πŸ›  Onlineboard's Features

What can developer do with Onlineboard

Customizable colors

You can use our pre-made color sets or create your own with up to 255 different shades! You can also change the background of the board.

Real-time collaboration

You can see what others are doing before they finish the action. Just as in real-life!

Easy to share

No credit card or registration is needed. Simply copy the URL address from your browser and send it to your colleagues.

Export to PNG

You can easily export your drawings to PNG. You change the background color of the exported file. You can also specify the scaling of the exported image.

Dark mode

Do you work at night or just cannot stand light themes? You can switch the whole interface and your whiteboard to a dark theme. For free!

Undo and eraser

Made a mistake? Need to go one step back? You can use CTRL+Z to undo your last drawing. You can also use eraser tool to make small touches to your drawing.

Optimized rendering

Only the visible parts of the board are rendered, so the board does not become slower the bigger your drawing is.

Customizable board size

You can choose from predefined set of board sizes, or use a custom board size.

Fine-grained access control

You can assign read/write permissions to individual users. You can also decide whether anyone with a public link should be able to write or view your board only.

Observe your colleagues

Allows your audience to lock their view to you, so they can see what you see when you move the camera. Easier to use than screen sharing and much faster!

Tablet & touchscreen-friendly

Onlineboard is optimized for touch devices also! You can view the boards on your mobile phone or tablet. However, we recommend using desktop computers as it is easier to see things on a big screen.

Graphical tablet compatible

We test the board with typical graphical tablets. Do you own one? Great, you can use it with Onlineboard immediately. We also implemented the common gestures so you will feel at home!

Input smoothing

Are you struggling with a steady hand? Or does your mouse have low DPI? No worries, our input smoothing setting with multiple levels allows you to draw straight lines more easily.

Board storage

When logged in, all your boards are saved to the cloud automatically. You can access them using our board browser after leaving.

Bring to me

Use bring to me functionality to move viewport of all users in the board to your viewport. Ensure they see what you want them to see.


Quickly see who has the whiteboard open in foreground and is active. See the last time specific user was active in a board.

Upload PDF / paste image

Do you have an existing document you want to annotate or draw over? You can now upload PDFs, paste images to Onlineboard and draw over them!

πŸ’° Onlineboard's Pricing

How much does Onlineboard cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 11.01.44.png

5. vucac

logo vucac


Work better together with VUCAC. A real-time online whiteboard collaboration tool for a better, easier, more visual team work. Start a free trial today to brainstorm, share ideas and draw using our templates!

πŸ›  vucac's Features

What can developer do with vucac

On VUCAC's limitless and infinite canvas, you can use a variety of visual tools such as sticky notes, text, and doodles to visualize ideas. We also provide interactive visuals, for example, a voter, timer, and comment box, to encourage efficient communication. Besides, based on our previous professional experience with industry experts and consultants, we are continuously creating different categories of prebuilt templates, including brainstorming, agile workflows, training & consulting, and project retrospective, etc. Finally, different from other online whiteboards, our competence in software infrastructure allows VUCAC to support real-time collaboration with more than 100 users in one session at the same time.

πŸ’° vucac's Pricing

How much does vucac cost?

Standard Plan Free Enterprise Plan $10/month

6. livecycle.io

logo livecycle.io


Add Figma-like visual commenting to PR preview environments. Get product changes reviewed faster and new code shipped sooner.

πŸ›  livecycle.io's Features

What can developer do with livecycle.io

Livecycle's SDK connects with any preview environment to add Figma-like visual commenting and collaboration tools on top of the environment.

Once the Livecycle SDK is installed, Livecycle kicks off the workflow by automatically distributing the link to the preview environment to all the relevant collaborators on the team when a PR is opened. And even if someone is missing from the list, you can add them at any time to join the project.

When a team member opens the preview environment, the Livecycle tools are readily available for collecting feedback in full context, including:

  • Screenshots for highlighting specific areas of the UI
  • Video capture to record a particular user sequence
  • Element editor for making suggested changes to HTML and CSS elements
  • Text-based Comments
  • Tagging team members, emoji reactions and status designation per-comment make sure everyone is kept in the loop

Since these tools are built-in to the preview environment itself, reviewers can give better feedback by marking up the actual product UI. And the code owners can understand the feedback faster and address it sooner, without needing to coordinate more meetings.

7. Pop

logo Pop


Work together like you’re in the same room. Supports Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Safari, Firefox & Chrome.

πŸ›  Pop's Features

What can developer do with Pop

Voice & video

Crystal-clear voice and high-quality video

Blazing fast screen sharing

Low-latency screen sharing optimized for live collaboration

Multiplayer meetings

Everyone can click and type on the shared screen together

Drawing and highlighting

Exchange visual ideas in real-time with your team

Join from anywhere

Supports Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and mobile browsers

Slack integration

Start a Pop call directly from Slack to connect with your team even faster

πŸ’° Pop's Pricing

How much does Pop cost?

Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 13.42.19.png

8. CoScreen

logo CoScreen


Bring your team closer to you. One click to share and remote control any window. Get things done together like never before.

πŸ›  CoScreen's Features

What can developer do with CoScreen

Multi-user editing

You and your teammates can simultaneously control any shared app - 2-3x faster than Zoom.

Simultaneous screen sharing

Share any desktop or browser app with a single click. Your teammates can do it too - at the same time and side-by-side.

Crystal-clear video chat & calling

Call each other with high-quality audio chat and flexible video layouts that won't wear you out. Join from your desktop or browser.

πŸ’° CoScreen's Pricing

How much does CoScreen cost?

Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 13.48.33.png

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