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Top 5 Redis Services tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Redis Services developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Redis Services such as Render Redis, Upstash, Heroku Redis, Redis Enterprise, Amazon ElastiCache to help you find your next Redis Services tool. .

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  1. Render Redis
  2. Upstash
  3. Heroku Redis
  4. Redis Enterprise
  5. Amazon ElastiCache

1. Render Redis

logo Render Redis

Render Redis

You can create managed Redis instances, which makes it easy to use Redis in a secure, reliable, and completely hands-off way.

🛠 Render Redis's Features

What can developer do with Render Redis

  • Fully managed Redis
  • Connect from anywhere
  • Maximize availability by queueing jobs
  • Reduce primary DB's load
  • Cache pages, results, fragments

💰 Render Redis's Pricing

How much does Render Redis cost?

Plan | Pricing | RAM | Connection Limit | Persistence
Free | $0/month | 25 MB | 50 connections
Starter | $10/month | 256 MB | 250 connections
Starter Plus | $18/month | 512 MB | 500 connections
Standard | $32/month | 1 GB | 1,000 connections
Standard Plus | $75/month | 2.5 GB | 2,500 connections
Pro | $135/month | 5 GB | 5,000 connections
Pro Plus | $250/month | 10 GB | 10,000 connections
Custom | Contact sales | Up to 512 GB | Contact sales

2. Upstash

logo Upstash


Designed for the serverless with per-request pricing and Redis®/Kafka® API.

🛠 Upstash's Features

What can developer do with Upstash

Durable Redis®

Blend the performance of in-memory with the durability of disk storage enabling many use cases beyond caching. You can leverage multi region replication with global databases.

Kafka meets simplicity

True Serverless Kafka where price scales to zero. With per-request-pricing you only pay what you use. Built-in REST API allows you to produce and consume your Kafka topics from anywhere.

Per-Request Pricing with Cap

Start free, then pay only for what you use with per-request pricing. Forget your expensive server/instance. Use Upstash as much as you need, you'll never pay more than the cap price, guaranteed.

Designed for the Edge

Upstash REST API enables access from Cloudflare Workers and Fastly Compute@Edge. With Global Database, you can access your database from anywhere with very low latency.

💰 Upstash's Pricing

How much does Upstash cost?

Upstash has different pricing options for Redis, Kafka or qStash. All have free offer.

Get more info about Upstash's pricing here

3. Heroku Redis

logo Heroku Redis

Heroku Redis

Heroku Data for Redis is a key-value data store supported and run by Heroku. Building data-driven apps is easier with an enhanced developer experience.

🛠 Heroku Redis's Features

What can developer do with Heroku Redis

Visual performance analytics for instant insight

Performance Analytics surfaces key runtime metrics like number of calls per command, active connections over time, the number of keys in play, and memory being consumed, on a unified time axis.

Heroku Redis Logging

Real-time, aggregated logging Fine-grained logs from your Redis instance join your application’s real-time aggregated log-stream and can be consumed via the new Heroku Data for Redis CLI plugin or any of the many logging-related Heroku Add-ons.

Powerful CLI experience

Provision, connect, and configure Heroku Data for Redis from the comfort of your command line with the Heroku CLI.

💰 Heroku Redis's Pricing

How much does Heroku Redis cost?

Hobby Dev

  • Performance analytics
  • Redis Log Metrics
  • 25 MB RAM
  • 20 connections

Premium 0-5: start from $15/mo

  • High availability with low-latency failover
  • Resource scalability
  • 50MB to 1GB RAM
  • 40-1000 connections

Premium 7-14: Start from $750/mo

  • Minimal resource contention using a single tenant
  • Higher throughput for read - heavy workloads
  • 7GB to 100GB RAM
  • 10000 - 65000 connections

4. Redis Enterprise

logo Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise

From the makers of Redis, only Redis Enterprise unlocks the full potential of Redis. Build blazing fast apps that your customers will love.

🛠 Redis Enterprise's Features

What can developer do with Redis Enterprise

  • Simple, less code
  • Performance at scale
  • Built-in durability
  • Serverless DBaaS
  • Consistent global data at low latency
  • Flexible deployments
  • Cost effective

💰 Redis Enterprise's Pricing

How much does Redis Enterprise cost?

We can choose where to host it, Either in AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Each offers different pricing.


  • 30MB RAM
  • Redis Modules
  • 1 dedicated database
  • 30 connections
  • Seamless upgrade to Fixed plans

Fixed (start at $6)

  • Memory limit 100MB
  • Redis Modules
  • 4 dedicated databases
  • 256 connections
  • Replication Single AZ
  • Auto-failover
  • Data persistence
  • Instant and daily backups
  • 4 Source IPs auth rules
  • 24/7 Support (Basic)

Flexible Starts at $0.881 /hour

  • Dedicated VPC
  • Any size or number of databases
  • Any throughput
  • Redis Modules
  • Redis-On-Flash (RoF) support
  • HA in a Single or Multi-AZ
  • Unlimited connections
  • Data persistence
  • Instant and daily backups
  • 24/7 Support (Standard)

Annual Subscription

Will have discount

5. Amazon ElastiCache

logo Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache is a managed caching service for Redis and Memcached. ElastiCache makes it easy to achieve high performance and massive scale with in-memory caching.

🛠 Amazon ElastiCache's Features

What can developer do with Amazon ElastiCache

  • Boost application performance, reducing latency to microseconds.
  • Scale with just a few clicks to meet the needs of your most demanding, internet-scale applications.
  • Reduce costs and eliminate the operational overhead of self-managed caching.
  • Build with your choice of Redis or Memcached, two popular open-source caching technologies.

💰 Amazon ElastiCache's Pricing

How much does Amazon ElastiCache cost?

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