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Compare best Redis GUI tool alternative for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Redis GUI developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Redis GUI such as Medis 2, Resp App, RedisInsight, Redsmin to help you find your next Redis GUI tool. .

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  1. Medis 2
  2. Resp App
  3. RedisInsight
  4. Redsmin

1. Medis 2

logo Medis 2

Medis 2

Medis is a modern Redis GUI designed for Mac.

🛠 Medis 2's Features

What can developer do with Medis 2

Full Featured

Medis works great with strings, lists, hashes, sets, sorted sets, streams, and even some third-party modules like RedisJSON. With the beautiful UI, users can manage all data delightfully.

Command Query

Medis provides a query view to run arbitrary commands. Keyword highlighting and the autocompleter make everything super clear.

Tree View

Medis follows conventions of the Redis community, shows a tree view to category keys as you wish.

High Performance

Medis is designed to work with millions of keys and fields without blocking databases. It works great with your production database.

Alert Mode

Every writable command in alert mode sent to servers will need your approval explicitly. This prevent you from destroying production databases accidentally.

Data Encoders

Medis recognizes different data formats automatically so don't worry if you are using MessagePack for reducing memory usages.


Medis allows you to connect to remote servers with an SSH tunnel, and it works great with SSL.

Dark Mode

Of course, Medis supports dark mode!

💰 Medis 2's Pricing

How much does Medis 2 cost?

One time $30

  • One-time payment
  • 1 user, up to 3 devices
  • Yours to keep, forever
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • 30-day money back guarantee

2. Resp App

logo Resp App

Resp App

Cross-platform GUI for Redis ® : download for macOS, iPad, Windows and Linux.

🛠 Resp App's Features

What can developer do with Resp App

Always at hand

RESP.app is a GUI app available for macOS, iPadOS, Windows and all Linux flavours.

Memory Analyzer

Analyse your Redis ® memory usage with RESP.app and remove obsolete data with bulk removal.

Keep it up, Redis®!

RESP.app supports all latest Redis ® features: ACL, Streams, Cluster, Sentinel, ReJSON module, HyperLogLog, etc.


Build-in TLS, SSH and TLS-over-SSH tunneling for easy and secure access to any redis-server.

Grasp Your Data

RESP.app displays JSON, MsgPack, PHP, Pickle, numpy, pandas and binary data in human readable form, decodes Brotli, LZ4, ZSTD, Snappy, GZIP, Magento Cache and Sessions and supports Extension Server

Clouds ready

RESP.app works with Amazon ElastiCache, Microsoft Azure Redis Cache, Digital Ocean and other Redis ® clouds.

💰 Resp App's Pricing

How much does Resp App cost?


  • $4.99 per monthor $39.99 per year
  • Full access to builds.
  • Access to Windows and macOS builds.


  • Enterprise $59.99 per employee per year
  • Your team uses RESP.app and you need many subscriptions?
  • Buy several subscriptions in a couple of clicks. You can assign them to your team members afterwards. Enjoy!

App Store

  • $14.99 one-time payment
  • This version has limitations.

3. RedisInsight

logo RedisInsight


RedisInsight provides an intuitive and efficient graphical interface for Redis, allowing you to interact with your databases and manage your data.

🛠 RedisInsight's Features

What can developer do with RedisInsight

Get a visual view of Redis data

The RedisInsight graphic user interface helps you visually browse and interact with Redis data.

  • Browse, filter, and visualize Redis keys, perform CRUD operations, or delete keys in bulk.
  • Display data in pretty-print JSON, hexadecimal, MessagePack, and many other formats. Use friendly keyboard navigation.
  • Use the Tree view to group data and enhance the navigation.

Intuitive CLI

Workbench, our advanced CLI, allows you to run Redis commands with the built-in Monaco Editor. It has syntax highlighting, developer shortcuts, and auto-completion.

Explore the Best of Redis

RedisInsight makes it easy to query, visualize, and interactively work with all of the latest capabilities offered by Redis. Whether using Redis Stack, Redis Enterprise, or Redis Enterprise Cloud, RedisInsight allows you to manipulate complex data models such as documents, graphs, and time series. Explore queryable JSON documents, full-text search, probabilistic data structures, and more.

Manage streams and consumer groups

Visualize Redis Streams and consumer groups, and set an automatic refresh to display new entries in real-time. Use a dedicated workspace for Redis Pub/Sub to publish and consume messages.

Log analysis and command profiling

Troubleshoot performance issues, trace and debug your Redis server by seeing commands processed in real-time and inspecting slow commands.

💰 RedisInsight's Pricing

How much does RedisInsight cost?

No public pricing information

4. Redsmin

logo Redsmin


Fully featured GUI for Redis. Redsmin provides advanced real-time dataviz, monitoring and administration.

🛠 Redsmin's Features

What can developer do with Redsmin


Manage all your Redis instances in one place.

Real-time monitoring

Your Redis instance’s health right before your eyes.

Powerful Terminal

Almost too simple to use with integrated autocomplete and inline documentation.

Modern data editor

Ever wanted to edit a zset or a hash field? With Redsmin you can.

Advanced Key Finder

Look up into your database with thousands of keys through patterns.

Keep control

Do yo use Redis for real-time analytics? Redsmin helps you visualize it immediatly!

Arrange at your will

Redsmin will help you configure your Redis instance with inline-documentation.

Connects to everything

From cloud, to your own server to locally hosted Redis instances.


Configure and easily inspect the slowlog.


Redsmin is one of the first of its kind to display real-time data.

Browser API

Test your JavaScript against Redis directly from your browser console.

Gmail shortcuts

Just like any developer, we like shortcuts too!

💰 Redsmin's Pricing

How much does Redsmin cost?


Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 11.20.02.png


Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 11.20.11.png

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