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Top 4 Onboarding tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Onboarding developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Onboarding such as Shepherd, Intro.js, Hopscotch, Driver.js to help you find your next Onboarding tool. .

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  1. Shepherd
  2. Intro.js
  3. Hopscotch
  4. Driver.js

1. Shepherd

logo Shepherd


Guide your users through a tour of your app.

πŸ›  Shepherd's Features

What can developer do with Shepherd


Shepherd has full keyboard navigation support, focus trapping, and a11y compliance via aria attributes.


Shepherd's styles are kept minimal, allowing you to easily customize the look and feel, but still give you enough to drop in and be ready to go quickly.


Shepherd is ready to drop into your application using React, Ember, Angular, Vue.js, ES Modules, or plain Javascript!

πŸ’° Shepherd's Pricing

How much does Shepherd cost?

Open source

2. Intro.js

logo Intro.js


Create step-by-step product tours, user onboarding guides easily. Intro.js is a lightweight, open-source user onboarding library.

πŸ›  Intro.js's Features

What can developer do with Intro.js

Easy to Use

The simplicity of Intro.js API will help you to develop an advanced onboarding for your products. Intro.js is lightweight, 10kB and has no external dependencies!


Intro.js provides various ways to configure your product onboarding and customize every single step of your tour.


Intro.js is Free and open-source, published under AGPL license. We also provide commercial license, supporting your team to successfully integrate Intro.js!

πŸ’° Intro.js's Pricing

How much does Intro.js cost?

Open source and free

3. Hopscotch

logo Hopscotch


Convert more trials with interactive product tours.

πŸ›  Hopscotch's Features

What can developer do with Hopscotch


Use conditional logic to segment in-app messaging based on individual user activity.

Interactive product tours

Your users can click buttons, links, and fill in form fields to progress through interactive guides.


Customize the look and feel to match your brand.

In-app messages

Welcome new users, announce new features, or send a message about an upcoming webinar.


Announce features and events with scheduled in-app messaging campaigns.

Browser SDK

Some use cases may require a bit of extra code. We offer a full browser SDK to interact with Hopscotch programmatically.

πŸ’° Hopscotch's Pricing

How much does Hopscotch cost?

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 09.58.04.png

4. Driver.js

logo Driver.js


A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript library to drive the user’s focus across the page

πŸ›  Driver.js's Features

What can developer do with Driver.js

  • Highlight any (literally any) item on page
  • Block user interactions
  • Create feature introductions
  • Add focus shifters for users
  • Highly customizable – Use it anywhere for overlay
  • User Friendly – Controllable by keys
  • MIT Licensed – Free for personal and commercial use
  • Lightweight – Only ~4kb when gzipped
  • Consistent behavior across all major browsers

πŸ’° Driver.js's Pricing

How much does Driver.js cost?

Open source and free

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ About Onboarding

Onboarding tools for developers are tools or frameworks that assist in creating interactive user guides, tutorials, or walkthroughs for software applications. These tools are designed to help developers provide a seamless onboarding experience for users and guide them through the various features and functionalities of an application.

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"What is the best Onboarding tool for developer? " Hope this page answering your question. This is a comparison page of recommended Onboarding coding tools, for developer by developer. Find your next top Onboarding alternative programming tools here. We list features and pricing with hope this resources can help you decide which Onboarding tools you need and best for your next project.

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