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Compare Mirage VS Mock Service Worker

See different between Mirage and Mock Service Worker, based on it features and pricing. See which tool is more suitable for your application needs, is it Mirage or Mock Service Worker.

logo Mirage

About Mirage

Build, test and demo your JavaScript application without an API

logo Mock Service Worker

About Mock Service Worker

Seamless API mocking library for browser and Node.

🛠 Mirage's Features

What can developer do with Mirage

The best DX for frontend development.

Say goodbye to configuring painful backend environments just to hack on your UI. Mirage runs alongside the rest of your frontend code, so there’s no new infrastructure for you to learn. New collaborators can clone your frontend codebase, run npm install, and have a complete local offline dev environment up and running in seconds – no environment variables or auth tokens needed.

Write high-level UI tests that stress your networking code.

With Mirage, you can write automated tests against your API no matter what state it's in. Test how your app handles 0 blog posts, 10, or 1000 – or even how it behaves when your server is slow or responds with an error. No messy mocking code or handcrafted API responses in your tests. Just real-world scenarios validating the entire functionality of your full application.

Share a fully-working UI without running a backend.

Because Mirage realistically mocks out your entire API server, you can share a clickable, working prototype of your JavaScript application without needing to run any backend services. Get high-quality feedback from your users and iterate faster than ever, before you start investing in expensive server-side infrastructure.

🛠 Mock Service Worker's Features

What can developer do with Mock Service Worker


Dedicated layer of requests interception at your disposal. Keep your application's code and tests unaware whether something is mocked or not.


Request the same production resources and test the actual behavior of your app. Augment an existing API, or design it as you go, when there is none.

Familiar & Powerful

Use Express-like routing syntax to capture outgoing requests. Parameters, wildcards, regular expressions—mocking has never been easier.

💰 Mirage's Pricing

How much does Mirage cost?

Open source

💰 Mock Service Worker's Pricing

How much does Mock Service Worker cost?

Open source

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Compare Mirage Pricing and Mock Service Worker Pricing.

Compare Mirage Features and Mock Service Worker Features.

Which developer tools is more worth it between Mirage and Mock Service Worker.

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