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Top 13 Javascript-ORM tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Javascript-ORM developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Javascript-ORM such as Prisma, Sequelize, Mongoose, Sails.js, TypeORM, Bookshelf.js, Drizzle ORM, Kysely, Waterline, Objection JS, MikroORM, Typegoose, Knex JS to help you find your next Javascript-ORM tool. .

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  1. Prisma
  2. Sequelize
  3. Mongoose
  4. Sails.js
  5. TypeORM
  6. Bookshelf.js
  7. Drizzle ORM
  8. Kysely
  9. Waterline
  10. Objection JS
  11. MikroORM
  12. Typegoose
  13. Knex JS

1. Prisma

logo Prisma


Prisma is a next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, and CockroachDB. It provides type-safety, automated migrations, and an intuitive data model.

πŸ›  Prisma's Features

What can developer do with Prisma


Data model you can read

The Prisma schema is intuitive and lets you declare your database tables in a human-readable way β€” making your data modeling experience a delight. You define your models by hand or introspect them from an existing database.


Type-safe database client

Prisma Client is a query builder that’s tailored to your schema. We designed its API to be intuitive, both for SQL veterans and developers brand new to databases. The auto-completion helps you figure out your query without the need for documentation.


Hassle-free migrations

Prisma Migrate auto-generates SQL migrations from your Prisma schema. These migration files are fully customizable, giving you full control and ultimate flexibility β€” from local development to production environments.


Visual database browser

Prisma Studio is the easiest way to explore and manipulate data in your Prisma projects. Understand your data by browsing across tables, filter, paginate, traverse relations and edit your data with safety.

πŸ’° Prisma's Pricing

How much does Prisma cost?


2. Sequelize

logo Sequelize


Sequelize is a modern TypeScript and Node.js ORM for Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and SQL Server, and more. Featuring solid transaction support, relations, eager and lazy loading, read replication and more.

πŸ›  Sequelize's Features

What can developer do with Sequelize

Data Modeling

Define your models with ease and make optional use of automatic database synchronization.


Define associations between models and let Sequelize handle the heavy lifting.

Soft deletion

Mark data as deleted instead of removing it once and for all from the database.

πŸ’° Sequelize's Pricing

How much does Sequelize cost?

Open source and free

3. Mongoose

logo Mongoose


Mongoose is the most popular JavaScript data modeling tool for MongoDB databases.

πŸ›  Mongoose's Features

What can developer do with Mongoose

  • Schemas and Models for your NoSQL database
  • Validators, pre and post middleware hooks
  • Reference documents in other collections using populate
  • Subdocuments: nest schemas in other schemas

πŸ’° Mongoose's Pricing

How much does Mongoose cost?

Open source and free

4. Sails.js

logo Sails.js


Sails.js makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps. It is designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails.

πŸ›  Sails.js's Features

What can developer do with Sails.js

100% JavaScript

Building on top of Sails means your app is written entirely in JavaScript, the language you and your team are already using in the browser.

Any database

Sails bundles a powerful ORM, Waterline, which provides a simple data access layer that just works, no matter what database you're using.

Auto-generated REST APIs

Sails comes with blueprints that help jumpstart your app's backend without writing any code.

Front-end agnostic

Sails is compatible with any front-end: Angular, React, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, custom hardware, or something else entirely.

Easy WebSocket integration

Since Sails translates incoming socket messages for you, they're automatically compatible with every route in your Sails app.

Professional support

Sails offers commercial support to accelerate development and ensure best practices in your code.

πŸ’° Sails.js's Pricing

How much does Sails.js cost?

Open source and free

5. TypeORM

logo TypeORM


TypeORM is an ORM that can run in NodeJS, Browser, Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, NativeScript, Expo, and Electron platforms and can be used with TypeScript and JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES7, ES8).

πŸ›  TypeORM's Features

What can developer do with TypeORM

  • Supports both DataMapper and ActiveRecord (your choice).
  • Entities and columns.
  • Database-specific column types.
  • Entity manager.
  • Repositories and custom repositories.
  • Clean object relational model.
  • Associations (relations).
  • Eager and lazy relations.
  • Uni-directional, bi-directional and self-referenced relations.
  • Supports multiple inheritance patterns.
  • Cascades.
  • Indices.
  • Transactions.
  • Migrations and automatic migrations generation.
  • Connection pooling.
  • Replication.
  • Using multiple database instances.
  • Working with multiple databases types.
  • Cross-database and cross-schema queries.
  • Elegant-syntax, flexible and powerful QueryBuilder.
  • Left and inner joins.
  • Proper pagination for queries using joins.
  • Query caching.
  • Streaming raw results.
  • Logging.
  • Listeners and subscribers (hooks).
  • Supports closure table pattern.
  • Schema declaration in models or separate configuration files.
  • Supports MySQL / MariaDB / Postgres / CockroachDB / SQLite / Microsoft SQL Server / Oracle / SAP Hana / sql.js.
  • Supports MongoDB NoSQL database.
  • Works in NodeJS / Browser / Ionic / Cordova / React Native / NativeScript / Expo / Electron platforms.
  • TypeScript and JavaScript support.
  • ESM and CommonJS support.
  • Produced code is performant, flexible, clean and maintainable.
  • Follows all possible best practices.
  • CLI.

πŸ’° TypeORM's Pricing

How much does TypeORM cost?

Open source and free

6. Bookshelf.js

logo Bookshelf.js


Bookshelf is a JavaScript ORM for Node.js, built on the Knex SQL query builder.

πŸ›  Bookshelf.js's Features

What can developer do with Bookshelf.js

With a concise, literate codebase, Bookshelf is simple to read, understand, and extend. It doesn't force you to use any specific validation scheme, and provides flexible, efficient relation/nested-relation loading and first-class transaction support.

It's a lean object-relational mapper, allowing you to drop down to the raw Knex interface whenever you need a custom query that doesn't quite fit with the stock conventions.

πŸ’° Bookshelf.js's Pricing

How much does Bookshelf.js cost?

Open source and free

7. Drizzle ORM

logo Drizzle ORM

Drizzle ORM

Drizzle ORM is a TypeScript ORM for SQL databases designed with maximum type safety in mind. Drizzle ORM is meant to be a library, not a framework. It stays as an opt-in solution all the time at any levels.

πŸ›  Drizzle ORM's Features

What can developer do with Drizzle ORM

  • Full type safety
  • Smart automated migrations generation
  • No ORM learning curve
  • SQL-like syntax for table definitions and queries
  • Best in class fully typed joins
  • Fully typed partial and non-partial selects of any complexity
  • Auto-inferring of TS types for DB models for selections and insertions separately
  • Zod schema generation
  • Zero dependencies

πŸ’° Drizzle ORM's Pricing

How much does Drizzle ORM cost?

Open source and free

8. Kysely

logo Kysely


Kysely let’s you write type-safe SQL queries. This eliminates entire classes of errors and let’s you sleep peacefully at night.

πŸ›  Kysely's Features

What can developer do with Kysely

Type-safe SQL queries

Kysely let's you write type-safe SQL queries. This eliminates entire classes of errors and let's you sleep peacefully at night.

No magic, just SQL

Kysely is a light abstraction layer over SQL. This makes it easy to reason about performance, and reduces the amount of concepts you need to learn to be proficient with the library.

Great autocompletion

By exposing your database schema to the TypeScript compiler, you get autocompletion on table names, column names, aliases, etc.

Multi-dialect support

PostgreSQL, MySQL, or SQLite? We've got you covered. There's also a growing ecosystem of 3rd party dialects, including PlanetScale, D3, SurrealDB, and more.

Runs on every environment

Kysely runs on node.js, the browser, serverless and edge environments, even on Deno!

Extensible core

Kysely comes with a plugin system that lets you extend the core with your own functionality.

πŸ’° Kysely's Pricing

How much does Kysely cost?

Open source and free

9. Waterline

logo Waterline


Waterline is a next-generation storage and retrieval engine, and the default ORM used in the Sails framework.

πŸ›  Waterline's Features

What can developer do with Waterline

It provides a uniform API for accessing stuff from different kinds of databases and protocols. That means you write the same code to get and store things like users, whether they live in MySQL, MongoDB, neDB, or Postgres.

Waterline strives to inherit the best parts of ORMs like ActiveRecord, Hibernate, and Mongoose, but with a fresh perspective and emphasis on modularity, testability, and consistency across adapters.

πŸ’° Waterline's Pricing

How much does Waterline cost?

Open source and free

10. Objection JS

logo Objection JS

Objection JS

Objection.js is an ORM for Node.js that aims to stay out of your way and make it as easy as possible to use the full power of SQL and the underlying database engine while still making the common stuff easy and enjoyable.

πŸ›  Objection JS's Features

What can developer do with Objection JS

  • An easy declarative way of defining models and relationships between them
  • Simple and fun way to fetch, insert, update and delete objects using the full power of SQL
  • Powerful mechanisms for eager loading, inserting and upserting object graphs
  • Easy to use transactions
  • Official TypeScript (opens new window) support
  • Optional JSON schema validation
  • A way to store complex documents as single rows

πŸ’° Objection JS's Pricing

How much does Objection JS cost?

Open source and free

11. MikroORM

logo MikroORM


TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns.

πŸ›  MikroORM's Features

What can developer do with MikroORM

Implicit Transactions

MikroORM allows handling transactions automatically. When you call em.flush(), all computed changes are wrapped inside a database transaction.

DRY Entities

Uses source code analysis so you do not have to repeat yourself when defining entities. Simply define correct TypeScript types and you are good to go!

Supports both SQL and NoSQL

Supports MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases, and more can be supported via custom drivers right now.


Keep your schema in sync with SchemaGenerator and Migrator. Supports both up and down migrations.


With the Seeder and seeding factories, we can generate fake data of any volume/shape and seed the database with ease.

Automatic Batching

Thanks to the UnitOfWork, all queries it fires are automatically batched. Inserts, updates, deletes - you name it!


Powerful event system allows to hook into not only the entity lifecycle. Want to alter how the UnitOfWork works? Try onFlush event!


Includes metadata-aware QueryBuilder with auto-joining support. Need more flexibility? We got you covered!


Define and control your common filters globally. Want to show only results relevant for a given tenant? Or maybe you want to automatically hide all soft-deleted entities?

πŸ’° MikroORM's Pricing

How much does MikroORM cost?

Open source and free

12. Typegoose

logo Typegoose


Define Mongoose models using TypeScript classes

πŸ›  Typegoose's Features

What can developer do with Typegoose

Easy to Use

Typegoose was designed to easily use mongoose schema's & model's in typescript

Focus on What Matters

Typegoose lets you focus on your data, and typegoose will create the correct mappings to schema's and model's


Typegoose is compatible with almost every mongoose option

πŸ’° Typegoose's Pricing

How much does Typegoose cost?

Open source and free

13. Knex JS

logo Knex JS

Knex JS

Knex JS is a "batteries included" SQL query builder for PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite3, Better-SQLite3, Oracle, and Amazon Redshift designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use.

πŸ›  Knex JS's Features

What can developer do with Knex JS

It features both traditional node style callbacks as well as a promise interface for cleaner async flow control, a stream interface, full-featured query and schema builders, transaction support (with savepoints), connection pooling and standardized responses between different query clients and dialects.

πŸ’° Knex JS's Pricing

How much does Knex JS cost?

Open source and free

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ About Javascript-ORM

JavaScript-ORM stands for JavaScript Object-Relational Mapping. It is a technique used in software development to map object-oriented code to a relational database management system (RDBMS).

ORMs help developers interact with databases using high-level programming language constructs such as objects and classes, instead of low-level SQL commands. The ORM maps the objects and their relationships to the underlying database tables and columns. This allows developers to work with the data in a more intuitive way and reduces the amount of boilerplate code needed to perform common database operations such as creating, reading, updating, and deleting records.

JavaScript-ORMs are particularly useful in web development, where JavaScript is commonly used on both the server and client sides.

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