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Compare best Javascript tool alternative for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Javascript developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Javascript such as ESLint, PlayCode, JS Bin to help you find your next Javascript tool. .

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  1. ESLint
  2. PlayCode
  3. JS Bin

1. ESLint

logo ESLint


A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. Maintain your code quality with ease.

πŸ›  ESLint's Features

What can developer do with ESLint

Find issues

ESLint statically analyzes your code to quickly find problems. ESLint is built into most text editors and you can run ESLint as part of your continuous integration pipeline.

Fix problems automatically

Many problems ESLint finds can be automatically fixed. ESLint fixes are syntax-aware so you won't experience errors introduced by traditional find-and-replace algorithms.

Configure everything

Preprocess code, use custom parsers, and write your own rules that work alongside ESLint's built-in rules. Customize ESLint to work exactly the way you need it for your project.

2. PlayCode

logo PlayCode


The #1 JavaScript playground and sandbox to write, run and repl it. JavaScript playground is perfect for learning and prototyping javascript sandboxes. Fast. Easy to use.

πŸ›  PlayCode's Features

What can developer do with PlayCode

NPM Packages

Play with any of the 2 million NPM packages. React, Vue, Lodash, RxJs, p5.js, three.js, etc.

The Fastest Live View

See results as you type, instantly. Speed-up learning and code debugging. PlayCode is the fastest coding experience ever.

Code Autocomplete

Type code faster and easier with smart code autocomplete. It helps avoid looking for documentation every time and it adds confidence in your coding abilities.

Emmet Shortcuts

Emmet will make your HTML & CSS coding unbelievable smooth and fast.

Bug Finder

PlayCode will find and show you all the errors and help you fix them. It makes the process of "write, run, fix errors, again" instant.

Type Checking

Use the full power of TypeScript. Catch errors early. See typings and issues in the editor. Typings install automatically.

Documentation On Hover

The documentation is at your fingertips. No need to Open Google and constantly look for how to use this or that function.


Find errors instantly, even when you have 1000 lines of code. The minimap will show all errors and warnings.

Preview in a New Window

Use the new browser window to debug the result. Check responsive websites or use multiple monitors.


Upload images, videos, sounds, or any other file formats.

The Most Flexible Layout

Arrange the panels as you like. No, really, absolutely, whatever. Any location and size.

Color Themes

Light theme in the sun or dark in the evening. Switch between blue, dark, light and gray themes.

πŸ’° PlayCode's Pricing

How much does PlayCode cost?


For quickly testing small code snippets and learning JavaScript. Free For individuals

  • Unlimited projects
  • 8 lines of code
  • Assets storage 4 MB
  • Deploy up to 3 websites with intro

Personal Pro

For power users who want to do even more. $4.99 per month - billed annually $9.99 per month - billed monthly

  • Everything in Personal, plus
  • Unlimited lines of code
  • Interactive courses
  • Unlimited private projects
  • Assets storage 1000 MB
  • Deploy up to 3 websites
  • Custom domains & HTTPS
  • Custom subdomains
  • Priority support

Coding Bootcamp

For coding bootcamps to make learning process even better. $17.99 per seat - per month - billed annually $21 per seat - per month - billed monthly

  • Everything in Personal Pro, plus
  • One invoice for all seats
  • Student management
  • Track students courses progress
  • Assets storage 50 GB
  • Deploy unlimited websites
  • Premium support

3. JS Bin

logo JS Bin

JS Bin

A live pastebin for HTML, CSS & JavaScript and a range of processors, including SCSS, CoffeeScript, Jade and more

πŸ›  JS Bin's Features

What can developer do with JS Bin

Live reload both in editor and in full preview


Full unmodified rendered view

Gist support: import and export


  • HTML
  • Markdown
  • Jade
  • CSS
  • Less
  • Myth
  • Stylus
  • Sass & SCSS (with Compass & Bourbon)
  • JavaScript
  • Babel (previously 6to5)
  • Coffeescript
  • Processing
  • React (jsx)
  • Traceur
  • TypeScript
  • LiveScript

Debug/source mode

Linting (inline to code, gutter or in footer) with full config control

  • JSHint
  • CoffeeLint
  • CSSLint
  • HTMLLint

Archive a bin

Delete bins

Pronounceable urls - explanation

Embeddable in any configuration

Self-host and locally installable

CodeMirror (4.4.0)

  • Multiple cursors
  • Themes
  • Addon support
  • Keybindings: vim, emacs and sublime
  • Tern

Custom templates and default preferences (like default processors)

Library support

Custom libraries

Drag & drop file

File update binding

Custom URLs

Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding)

Hide toolbar - cmd+shift+

Keyboard shortcuts - cmd+shift+?



Shortcut URLs

  • /:user/last
  • /:bin/latest

Bin info card - details about the owner, and whether they’re streaming

Plain text mode / accessibility mode



πŸ’° JS Bin's Pricing

How much does JS Bin cost?

Free Account



Yearly $128 Monthly $16

Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 14.50.13.png

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