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Compare IronMQ VS abp Background Jobs

See different between IronMQ and abp Background Jobs, based on it features and pricing. See which tool is more suitable for your application needs, is it IronMQ or abp Background Jobs.

logo IronMQ

About IronMQ

DevOps serverless application tools to run background tasks with Docker containers and manage messaging queues with cloud elasticity and no vendor lock-in

logo abp Background Jobs

About abp Background Jobs

Background jobs are used to queue some tasks to be executed in the background.

🛠 IronMQ's Features

What can developer do with IronMQ

Pull, Push and Long Polling support

Supports a rich set of features including push and pull queues, long polling, error queues, alerts and triggers, and more.

Automated Failover

MQ is a global service that runs on multiple clouds and availability zones. For advanced users with critical messaging needs, queues can automatically point to alternative zones in case of an outage without having to change any code.

Highly Scalable

Runs on top of cloud infrastructure and uses multiple high-availability data centers. MQ scales without the need for you to add and maintain resources yourself.

REST based API

Uses HTTPS/Rest-based APIs for simple and efficient cloud use. Built with MQ standards in mind for maximum flexibility and configuration.

🛠 abp Background Jobs's Features

What can developer do with abp Background Jobs

Background jobs are used to queue some tasks to be executed in the background. You may need background jobs for several reasons. Here are some examples:

  • To perform long-running tasks without having the users wait. For example, a user presses a 'report' button to start a long-running reporting job. You add this job to the queue and send the report's result to your user via email when it's completed.
  • To create re-trying and persistent tasks to guarantee that a code will be successfully executed. For example, you can send emails in a background job to overcome temporary failures and guarantee that it eventually will be sent. That way users do not wait while sending emails.

Background jobs are persistent that means they will be re-tried and executed later even if your application crashes.

💰 IronMQ's Pricing

How much does IronMQ cost?

No public pricing information

💰 abp Background Jobs's Pricing

How much does abp Background Jobs cost?

Open source

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Compare IronMQ Pricing and abp Background Jobs Pricing.

Compare IronMQ Features and abp Background Jobs Features.

Which developer tools is more worth it between IronMQ and abp Background Jobs.

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