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Compare best Full text search tool alternative for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Full text search developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Full text search such as Lyra, Meilisearch, Algolia, Typesense, Nuclia, Elastic Search, Sonic Server, AddSearch, Zevi, Prefixbox, Swiftype, Lunr.js to help you find your next Full text search tool. .

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  1. Lyra
  2. Meilisearch
  3. Algolia
  4. Typesense
  5. Nuclia
  6. Elastic Search
  7. Sonic Server
  8. AddSearch
  9. Zevi
  10. Prefixbox
  11. Swiftype
  12. Lunr.js

1. Lyra

logo Lyra


Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript

🛠 Lyra's Features

What can developer do with Lyra

Lyra is a modern, dependency-free full-text search engine written in TypeScript. It has been built with speed in mind and completes most search lookups in a few microseconds.

It implements a very fast, vanilla prefix tree to perform efficient lookups and easy serialization with multiple formats, such as dpack, messagepack, and protocol buffers.

Its main focus is to be able to run on edge networks, such as AWS Lambda@Edge, Cloudflare Workers, and Netlify Functions, so expect some updates on that.

Given that it's written in TypeScript, it can be used in any JavaScript runtime, including browsers, servers, React Native, and more.

💰 Lyra's Pricing

How much does Lyra cost?

Open Source / Self Hosted

2. Meilisearch

logo Meilisearch


An open-source, blazingly fast, and hyper-relevant search engine that will improve your search experience

🛠 Meilisearch's Features

What can developer do with Meilisearch

Lightning fast

Search-as-you-type returns answers in less than 50 milliseconds. That's faster than the blink of an eye!

Plug ‘n play

Deploy in a matter of minutes. Smart presets let you start searching through your data with zero configuration.


Send data to Meilisearch however you want—no need to match a schema or convert your dataset to a compatible format.

Typo tolerant

Everyone makes mistakes! If typos break your search experience, many users will leave thinking what they were looking for just wasn't there.

💰 Meilisearch's Pricing

How much does Meilisearch cost?


Self host the open source project

Cloud Dedicated

  • Starting from $29/month
  • Highly available by default
  • Multiple region available
  • Up to 128Gb of RAM
  • Up to 1TB of storage


  • Contact our sales team to ask for a fully custom quote.
  • Premier support
  • Premium SLA
  • More resources

3. Algolia

logo Algolia


Create AI-powered search & discovery across websites & apps.

🛠 Algolia's Features

What can developer do with Algolia

Rely on robust APIs

We power 1.5T requests per year for 10K+ customers all over the world. Our APIs are written for performance and scalability first.

For every developer

Use your preferred language to prototype ideas quickly and build production ready experience in no time with documentation and tools for every stack.

Packaged building blocks

Don’t build from scratch and leverage API building blocks to deliver the right content within milliseconds via search, navigation and recommendations.

💰 Algolia's Pricing

How much does Algolia cost?


  • 10,000 search
  • 10,000 recommend requests/mo
  • 10,000 records/mo

Algolia Search Standard

  • $1.00 per 1,000 requests/mo
  • +1,000 records

Algolia Search Premium

  • $1.50 per 1,000 Search requests/mo+ 1,000 records
  • Query suggestion, visual editor, relevan sort, advanced API, etc..

4. Typesense

logo Typesense


Lightning-fast, open source search engine for everyone

🛠 Typesense's Features

What can developer do with Typesense

Typo Tolerance

Spellng Mistakes? Not a problem. Typesense automatically tries to correct typos.

Tunable Ranking

Tailor your results to perfection via flexible and fast query-time sorting.

Result Pinning

Pin specific records in a particular position to feature or merchandize them.


Show results for pants when users search for trousers, or vice-versa, when you define them as synonyms.

Multi-tenant API Keys

Store multiple users’ data in a single index, create API keys for each user that restrict access to just their data.

Dynamic Sorting

Sort records on the fly by any fields in your document. For eg: sort by price, sort by popularity, etc. No duplicate indices needed.

Grouping & Distinct

Provide more variety in your results by grouping results. Eg: combine all color variations of a shirt into a single result.

Filtering & Faceting

Only fetch records that match a given filter. Aggregate field values and get counts, min, max and avg of values across records.

Geo Search

Search & sort results within a certain distance from a latitude/longitude or within a polygon region.

Federated Search

Search one or more collections in a single query. Eg: search for both products and brands, given a single search query.

Easy High Availability

Build a resilient production-grade search service, with a few simple steps.

Easy Version Upgrades

Replace the binary, and restart the process. Typesense will automatically re-index your data in the new version.

💰 Typesense's Pricing

How much does Typesense cost?


Open source available with self hosted

Paid (Cloud)

Typesense cloud pricing

5. Nuclia

logo Nuclia


The API to make the unsearchable, searchable. Build and optimized search-experience using the low-code Nuclia search engine API to get multi-language semantic results, specific paragraphs, text or relations.

🛠 Nuclia's Features

What can developer do with Nuclia

How does Nuclia bring search to the next level?

  • Nuclia’s semantic AI is able to “understand” what your users are looking for.
  • Nuclia’s AI replaces the complexity of rule-based searching and offers a better experience to users.
  • Nuclia offers better and more relevant results to users by mixing in a “single” result, keyword results and semantic results.
  • If a user doesn’t know the exact keyword to search for, they can just describe what they want, and get optimized results.

logo Elastic Search

Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is the leading distributed, RESTful, free and open search and analytics engine designed for speed, horizontal scalability, reliability, and easy management.

🛠 Elastic Search's Features

What can developer do with Elastic Search


Protect your Elasticsearch data in a robust and granular way.


Maintain a pulse on your Elastic Stack to keep it firing on all cylinders.


Get notifications about changes in your data.

Elasticsearch SQL

Interact with your data using SQL — and use ODBC and JDBC drivers to access it.

Time series data management

Automate processes with index lifecycle management, frozen indices, and rollups.

Machine learning

Automate anomaly detection on your Elasticsearch data.

💰 Elastic Search's Pricing

How much does Elastic Search cost?

Open source, free to self hosted. But Elastic as a company also offer paid products (cloud / for enterprise)

7. Sonic Server

logo Sonic Server

Sonic Server

Fast, lightweight and schema-less search backend.

🛠 Sonic Server's Features

What can developer do with Sonic Server

  • Search terms are stored in collections, organized in buckets; you may use a single bucket, or a bucket per user on your platform if you need to search in separate indexes.
  • Search results return object identifiers, that can be resolved from an external database if you need to enrich the search results. This makes Sonic a simple word index, that points to identifier results. Sonic doesn't store any direct textual data in its index, but it still holds a word graph for auto-completion and typo corrections.
  • Search query typos are corrected if there are not enough exact-match results for a given word in a search query, Sonic tries to correct the word and tries against alternate words. You're allowed to make mistakes when searching.
  • Insert and remove items in the index; index-altering operations are light and can be committed to the server while it is running. A background tasker handles the job of consolidating the index so that the entries you have pushed or popped are quickly made available for search.
  • Auto-complete any word in real-time via the suggest operation. This helps build a snappy word suggestion feature in your end-user search interface.
  • Full Unicode compatibility on 80+ most spoken languages in the world. Sonic removes useless stop words from any text (eg. 'the' in English), after guessing the text language. This ensures any searched or ingested text is clean before it hits the index; see languages.
  • Simple protocol (Sonic Channel), that let you search your index, manage data ingestion (push in the index, pop from the index, flush a collection, flush a bucket, etc.) and perform administrative actions. Sonic Channel was designed to be lightweight on resources and simple to integrate with; read protocol specification.
  • Easy-to-use libraries, that let you connect to Sonic from your apps; see libraries.

💰 Sonic Server's Pricing

How much does Sonic Server cost?

Free -> Self Hosted

8. AddSearch

logo AddSearch


AddSearch is a lightning-fast fully-featured accurate site search platform with customizable design. AddSearch helps you to get the most out of your website.

🛠 AddSearch's Features

What can developer do with AddSearch

Guide your website visitors

Design a path for your visitors and guide them through your website.

Boost sales and increase conversions

AddSearch allows your visitors to find your products instantly from the frontpage.

Decrease helpdesk expenses

Help your customers find answers to their questions, reduce the pressure on your helpdesk and inbox.

💰 AddSearch's Pricing

How much does AddSearch cost?


$29 per month Ideal for small websites Key features:

  • 1000 documents
  • Weekly crawling
  • Dev tools (API & libraries)


$99 per month Easy-to-use and fast search solution Key features:

  • Manage Search Results
  • Synonyms and Autocomplete
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • PDF, DOC and PPT files


$499 per month Advanced search solution for websites and ecommerce Key features:

  • Everything in Professional
  • Our devs and designers build your unique Search UI
  • SLA & Priority Support


Custom Fully-tailored solution for large websites with implementation support Key features:

  • Everything in Premium
  • Custom Commercial Terms
  • Multiple Search Indices
  • Fully Customizable

9. Zevi

logo Zevi


Zevi’s AI-powered site search and discovery platform helps customers discover products quickly, boosting sales & conversions. Get a site search solution tailored to your needs.

🛠 Zevi's Features

What can developer do with Zevi

Smart Neural Site Search

Move beyond the default - Deploy neural search that semantically understands your customers’ queries, provides the best-fit results, and enables near-human communication with the search engine.

  • Multilingual & vernacular support
  • AI-based synonym and spell check
  • Contextual search suggestions
  • Relevance-focused ranking and retrieval

Real-time data and analytics at a glance

Analyse your customer’s buying patterns, interests, and search queries to provide accurate and highly contextual results. Extract data from customer search behaviour to optimize your entire platform.

  • Product-level revenue tracking
  • Search-level conversion metric tracking
  • Visibility into shifting search trends

Seamless and optimised merchandising

Get complete control over the appearance of your search results. If you operate an online store, you can design and deploy product rankings based on availability, new launches, and cost without any code at all. Similarly, if you run a content-focused website, you can rank your content based on click-through rate or reader feedback. Build smart merchandising that scales your bottom line.

  • No-code, highly customisable dashboard
  • Performance-based ranking
  • Advanced filters
  • Boosting based on business goals

Robust architecture

Zevi's architecture is designed to be completely resilient so that it can handle numerous tasks with ease. The framework's distinct layers increase flexibility and produce precise outcomes

  • Secure
  • High scalability
  • 99.99% uptime

💰 Zevi's Pricing

How much does Zevi cost?



  • AI search (NLP)
  • Up to 30 products/records
  • AI spell & synonym check
  • Analytics - 7 days


$1.00 per 1000 requests/mo +1000 records

  • AI search (NLP)
  • AI spell & synonym check
  • Campaign redirection
  • Analytics - 6 months
  • Merchandising Control


$1.50 per 1000 requests/mo +1000 records

  • AI search (NLP)
  • AI spell & synonym check
  • Campaign redirection
  • Online learning
  • Analytics - 12 months
  • Multi language support
  • Merchandising Control
  • Personalisation
  • Performance based merchandising

10. Prefixbox

logo Prefixbox


Prefixbox’s eCommerce site search tools drastically improve on-site search efficiency to boost conversions and sales.

🛠 Prefixbox's Features

What can developer do with Prefixbox

  • Autocomplete recommends products and keywords to users when they type in the search box. It also automatically predicts search queries to display accurate matches.
  • Faceted Navigation lets users filter search results based on product details such as price, color, size, and many other details.
  • Related Products allows shoppers to quickly navigate to the product they’re looking to buy with just 1 click.It can be used at the bottom of the SERP or on 0-results pages.
  • Semantic search and spell correction help.
  • Related Searches predicts the user's next search term, so they can easily refine their search intent.
  • Ranking options let users quickly sort results by criteria such as “price”, “newest”, “popular” etc.
  • Products are accurately ranked based on relevance and popularity rankings, which update daily.
  • Paging is a feature of the Search Engine product that breaks search results into multiple pages so users can navigate through.

💰 Prefixbox's Pricing

How much does Prefixbox cost?

Prefixbox has not provided pricing information for this product or service. This is common practice for software sellers and service providers. Contact Prefixbox to obtain current pricing.

11. Swiftype

logo Swiftype


Swiftype is a cloud-based search platform that provides all the tools you need to create fantastic search experiences.

🛠 Swiftype's Features

What can developer do with Swiftype

  • Code-free rollout with exceptional relevance
  • Intuitive search customization features
  • Powerful crawler and API platform
  • Extensive developer tool suite
  • Secure and distributed cloud infrastructure
  • Consolidated cross-domain search

💰 Swiftype's Pricing

How much does Swiftype cost?


12. Lunr.js

logo Lunr.js


Lunr.js is a small, full-text search library for use in the browser. It indexes JSON documents and provides a simple search interface for retrieving documents that best match text queries.

🛠 Lunr.js's Features

What can developer do with Lunr.js

  • Full text search support for 14 languages
  • Boost terms at query time or boost entire documents at index time
  • Scope searches to specific fields
  • Fuzzy term matching with wildcards or edit distance

💰 Lunr.js's Pricing

How much does Lunr.js cost?

Open source and free

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