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Top 18 DevOps tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of DevOps developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for DevOps such as Cloud 66, Travis CI, Jenkins, Buddy, Code Climate Quality, Engine Yard, Bytebase, Code Capsules, Gitpod, shuttle, livecycle.io, Humalect, Buildmaster, Atlassian Bamboo, Semaphore, Drone.io, GoCD, Azure DevOps to help you find your next DevOps tool. .

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  1. Cloud 66
  2. Travis CI
  3. Jenkins
  4. Buddy
  5. Code Climate Quality
  6. Engine Yard
  7. Bytebase
  8. Code Capsules
  9. Gitpod
  10. shuttle
  11. livecycle.io
  12. Humalect
  13. Buildmaster
  14. Atlassian Bamboo
  15. Semaphore
  16. Drone.io
  17. GoCD
  18. Azure DevOps

1. Cloud 66

logo Cloud 66

Cloud 66

Cloud 66 gives you everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your applications on any cloud, without the headache of dealing with "server stuff".

πŸ›  Cloud 66's Features

What can developer do with Cloud 66

With the convenience of PaaS but on any cloud, and in any region, Cloud 66 has persistent storage, custom network configuration, zero downtime deployments, blue/green and canary releases, full databases support, replication & managed backups. With no team size limits, Cloud 66 offers powerful access management, traffic control, firewalls, SSL certificate management, and more.

πŸ’° Cloud 66's Pricing

How much does Cloud 66 cost?

cloud 66 pricing table

Cloud 66 offers different pricing (free available!). Differences are in:

  • build minutes
  • managed backup storage size
  • network site traffic
  • etc

Feel free to look at full cloud 66 pricing

2. Travis CI

logo Travis CI

Travis CI

Travis CI is a continuous integration tool that test and deploy your projects with ease. Sync your build projects with Travis CI in minutes!

πŸ›  Travis CI's Features

What can developer do with Travis CI

Cloud Repository

Log in with your cloud repository, tell Travis CI to test a project, and then push. Could it be any simpler!

Databases and services

Many databases and services are pre-installed and can be enabled in your build configuration.

Pull Requests tested

Make sure every Pull Request to your project is tested before it’s merged.

Databases and services

Updating staging or production as soon as your tests pass has never been easier!

πŸ’° Travis CI's Pricing

How much does Travis CI cost?

Free Trial 30 Days

β€’ 10,000 credits β€’ Compatible with Assembla, Bitbucket, GitHub & GitLab β€’ Quick-start resources and guides

Core starts from $69/mo

β€’ For 1 concurrent build (upgrade available) β€’ Ability to run unlimited builds without any queuing of jobs β€’ Compatible with Assembla, Bitbucket, GitHub & GitLab β€’ Easy integrations

3. Jenkins

logo Jenkins


Jenkins – an open source automation server which enables developers around the world to reliably build, test, and deploy their software

πŸ›  Jenkins's Features

What can developer do with Jenkins

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

As an extensible automation server, Jenkins can be used as a simple CI server or turned into the continuous delivery hub for any project.

Easy installation

Jenkins is a self-contained Java-based program, ready to run out-of-the-box, with packages for Windows, Linux, macOS and other Unix-like operating systems.

Easy configuration

Jenkins can be easily set up and configured via its web interface, which includes on-the-fly error checks and built-in help.


With hundreds of plugins in the Update Center, Jenkins integrates with practically every tool in the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain.


Jenkins can be extended via its plugin architecture, providing nearly infinite possibilities for what Jenkins can do.


Jenkins can easily distribute work across multiple machines, helping drive builds, tests and deployments across multiple platforms faster.

πŸ’° Jenkins's Pricing

How much does Jenkins cost?

Free, Open Source

4. Buddy

logo Buddy


Get the most powerful and easy-to-configure continuous integration and delivery platform.

πŸ›  Buddy's Features

What can developer do with Buddy

  • Docker Layer Caching
  • Concurrent Pipelines & Steps
  • vCPU and RAM Scaling
  • Reusable Environments
  • Repository Caching
  • Artifacts Caching
  • Changeset-Based Deployments

Invite everyone to automation

Buddy is a minimal-friction automation platform that makes DevOps easy for developers, designers and QA teams.

Embrace the newest toys faster

Docker, Serverless, NoOps and ChatOps, are always click away from your stack.

Deliver instant results

With Buddy, your apps & websites are built, tested and deployed significantly faster after only minutes of setup.

πŸ’° Buddy's Pricing

How much does Buddy cost?


  • Unlimited Delivery Pipelines
  • High-performance Build Environment
  • Easy configuration via GUI & YAML
  • First-class Docker support
  • Continuous Deployment for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more
  • 5 Projects

Pro $75/mo

  • 20 projects
  • Unlimited pipeline runs
  • 10 GB Cache storage *
  • 3 GB RAM & 2 vCPU
  • 1 Concurrent pipeline
  • 1 Parallel action

Hyper Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited pipeline runs
  • 20 GB Cache storage *
  • 3 GB & 2 vCPU
  • 2 Concurrent pipelines
  • 1 Parallel action (option to upgrade)

Detail Buddy Works Pricing here

5. Code Climate Quality

logo Code Climate Quality

Code Climate Quality

Code Climate provides automated code review for your apps, letting you fix quality and security issues before they hit production. We check every commit, branch and pull request for changes in quality and potential vulnerabilities.

πŸ›  Code Climate Quality's Features

What can developer do with Code Climate Quality

Receive automated code review comments on your pull requests.

Our 10-point technical debt assessment provides real-time feedback, so you can save time and focus on what matters in your code review discussions.

Get test coverage right, every time.

See coverage line by line within diffs. Never merge code without sufficient tests again.

Win the fight against technical debt.

At a glance, identify frequently changed files that have inadequate coverage and maintainability issues. Track your progress against measurable goals, day-by-day.

Identify hot spots to focus on what matters.

Correlate code quality information against areas of high churn so you can focus your efforts on files with inadequate coverage or maintainability issues.

πŸ’° Code Climate Quality's Pricing

How much does Code Climate Quality cost?

Open Source (Free)

  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited users

Startup (Free)

  • up to 4 seats
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Everything in the team plan up to 4 seats
  • GitHub pull request integration


  • $16.67 /mo per seat billed annually. $20 billed monthly.
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Priority support

6. Engine Yard

logo Engine Yard

Engine Yard

Engine Yard PaaS is the easiest way to deploy Applications to the AWS cloud. Deploying, running and managing your app is taking away precious resources? Engine Yard takes the operational overhead out of the equation, so you can keep innovating.

πŸ›  Engine Yard's Features

What can developer do with Engine Yard

  1. NoOps Focus on your application and leave DevOps to Engine Yard
  2. Deploy with git push
  3. Dedicated AWS Account Apps deployed in a dedicated AWS account
  4. Auto Scaling
  5. Optimized Application Stacks
  6. Runs on Kubernetes

πŸ’° Engine Yard's Pricing

How much does Engine Yard cost?

Find Engine Yard pricing at https://www.engineyard.com/pricing/

7. Bytebase

logo Bytebase


Safer and faster database change and version control for DBAs and Developers

πŸ›  Bytebase's Features

What can developer do with Bytebase

Review Board

All-in-one SQL review board to provide a holistic view of the database change

GitOps Workflow

Point-and-click GitHub and GitLab integration to enable GitOps workflow for changing database.

Multi-Tenant Rollout

Help SaaS provider to manage database changes across

SQL Review Lint

Automatically check SQL anti-patterns. Also available as GitHub Action and API.

All-in-one SQL Editor

Inspect records, explore schema, sharing SQL scripts, and more.

πŸ’° Bytebase's Pricing

How much does Bytebase cost?


  • Community support
  • Schema and data change review workflow
  • SQL Editor
  • Database backup / restore
  • IM integration (e.g. Slack, Discord and etc)

Team plan (beta) $79/instance/month

  • Email support
  • Everything in free plan
  • Owner, DBA and Developer roles
  • GitLab login
  • Advanced SQL check and anomaly detection
  • Review and backup policy

Enterprise (Early access)

  • Start from $199 Per instance / month
  • SLA support
  • Everything in team plan
  • Multi-Region / Multi-Tenancy deployment
  • More to come...

8. Code Capsules

logo Code Capsules

Code Capsules

The simplest way to deploy your code. Build, push, deploy and scale your apps on a fully managed Platform as a Service.

πŸ›  Code Capsules's Features

What can developer do with Code Capsules


Code Capsules will pull your code directly from your Github repository and build it inside the correct container. Ensuring performance and low risk security.

Speed Up

All it takes is 2 simple steps. Once you have configured your repository, every subsequent git push will deploy your app.

Cut Costs

Lower the upfront investment of your software deployment solution-landing. DevOps infrastructure is one less thing to worry about.

πŸ’° Code Capsules's Pricing

How much does Code Capsules cost?

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 06.22.53.png

9. Gitpod

logo Gitpod


Gitpod is an open-source developer platform for remote development. Accelerate your teams developer experience, remote collaboration and security - to ship new products faster and more securely.

πŸ›  Gitpod's Features

What can developer do with Gitpod

Remote development without friction

Gitpod continuously builds your git branches like a CI server so that you can start coding right away - no more waiting for dependencies to download and builds to finish.

Works on my machine - and yours

Spin up pre-configured, standardized dev environments from any git context when you need them and close them when you're done. You won’t go back to the friction of long-living stateful environments.

We adapt, so you don't need to

Run a desktop or browser based version of VS Code or any JetBrains IDE and customise it to your individual needs - from themes to extensions, you have full control.

Multi track development with ease

You can have multiple workspaces with different contexts open at once - one for your feature, one for a bug or one for your code review directly in Gitpod.

Bringing dev closer to prod

Gitpod provisions powerful Linux containers under the hood. A Linux shell with root/sudo, a file system, Docker and all other tools and binaries that run on Linux. One OS for both dev and prod.

Where teams code together

Share running workspaces for pair programming, use port forwarding or share a snapshot as a copy of your workspace with teammates.

Code anywhere, on any device

You no longer need an over-powered laptop to code, Gitpod works just as smoothly on a Chromebook or iPad. All you need is a browser.

πŸ’° Gitpod's Pricing

How much does Gitpod cost?


  • 50 hours/month
  • Public & private repos
  • 4 parallel workspaces
  • 30min inactivity timeout


  • $9 per user/month
  • All in Free 100 hours/month


  • $25 per user/month
  • All in Personal
  • Unlimited hours
  • 8 parallel workspaces


  • $39 per user/month
  • All in Professional
  • 16 parallel workspaces
  • 1hr inactivity timeout
  • 3hr timeout boost

10. shuttle

logo shuttle


Stop worrying about the infrastructure. Focus on writing code, shuttle will do the rest.

πŸ›  shuttle's Features

What can developer do with shuttle

Deploy Apps with a Single Command Control your infrastructure by adding annotations to your code.

Skip the AWS console

Configure your infrastructure directly from your Rust code. Avoid unnecessary context-switching and complicated UIs.

Compile-time insurance

Know that you are getting what you need at compile-time. Cut down on debugging time.


Wiring up a service to a persistent database is as easy as adding one line of code. And we support multiple providers.

Entirely open-source

A completely free and open-source project.

Generous free tier

Start deploying your apps with no strings attached.

Fast deploy times

Deploy new versions as quickly as running an incremental build, all with zero downtime

πŸ’° shuttle's Pricing

How much does shuttle cost?


The perfect confluence of features to run your hobby-projects for free - forever. Number of Projects 5 Requests 150K/mo Database Storage 500 MB Subdomains1 Per Project


Custom. Build on production quality infrastructure which scales to your needs. (Get in touch)

11. livecycle.io

logo livecycle.io


Add Figma-like visual commenting to PR preview environments. Get product changes reviewed faster and new code shipped sooner.

πŸ›  livecycle.io's Features

What can developer do with livecycle.io

Livecycle's SDK connects with any preview environment to add Figma-like visual commenting and collaboration tools on top of the environment.

Once the Livecycle SDK is installed, Livecycle kicks off the workflow by automatically distributing the link to the preview environment to all the relevant collaborators on the team when a PR is opened. And even if someone is missing from the list, you can add them at any time to join the project.

When a team member opens the preview environment, the Livecycle tools are readily available for collecting feedback in full context, including:

  • Screenshots for highlighting specific areas of the UI
  • Video capture to record a particular user sequence
  • Element editor for making suggested changes to HTML and CSS elements
  • Text-based Comments
  • Tagging team members, emoji reactions and status designation per-comment make sure everyone is kept in the loop

Since these tools are built-in to the preview environment itself, reviewers can give better feedback by marking up the actual product UI. And the code owners can understand the feedback faster and address it sooner, without needing to coordinate more meetings.

12. Humalect

logo Humalect


Code to deployment in a few clicks. fully managed infrastructure, domains, certificates and CI/CD in your own cloud provider account. End to End DevOps Automation.

πŸ›  Humalect's Features

What can developer do with Humalect

  • Self-serve and simple-to-use platform for better visibility and collaboration

  • Unlimited infinitely scalable and stable environments with Kubernetes

  • Out-of-the-box Dockerfile, YAML and Infrastructure as code generation

  • Inbuilt CI/CD, but you can bring your tools as well

  • Cloud cost and security scans to keep you secure and frugal (at least for your cloud spends)

  • Bring tools you like - integrations with major cloud providers, SCM, CI/CD, DevSecOps and observability tools

  • No lock-in or migration debt - Everything stays on your cloud account, we give you all automation templates if we break-up

  • We use best cloud security practices, host all your infra and code on your side. Humalect is SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified

πŸ’° Humalect's Pricing

How much does Humalect cost?

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 10.03.50.png

13. Buildmaster

πŸ›  Buildmaster's Features

What can developer do with Buildmaster

Git Integration & Visibility

BuildMaster’s tight integration with GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, BitBucket, and other services provides consistent visibility of your code, branches, and commits. Quickly create new builds, compare changes between builds/releases, tag commits upon release, create and merge pull requests, and monitor branches to create and deploy builds.

CI Tool Integration & Control

You can also use your existing CI tools (Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.) with BuildMaster. Some teams may even prefer this, which is why BuildMaster lets you keep using your existing CI tools, import build artifacts from them, and deploy them consistently across different environments and targets.

Deployment & Continuous Delivery

BuildMaster lets you build a repeatable release process by defining the servers and environments that your build artifacts will be deployed to, as well as the manual and automatic approvals required at each stage of the process.

Release Management & Visualization

BuildMaster can model your software releases and help you manage builds and software changes in a way that non-technical, business users can easily understand. This allows everyone to focus on coding, testing, and delivering code changes to production without getting bogged down in obscure build numbers.

No-Code & Low-Code Automation

Both beginners and experts alike will be able to automate builds (CI) and deployments (CD) using a combination of No-Code templates, Low-Code (drag-and-drop) scripting, and advanced scripting with OtterScript, PowerShell, Python, and other languages.

OtterScript & Advanced Scripting

BuildMaster is powered by OtterScript, a powerful, domain-specific language (DSL). It’s a low-code scripting language that can be edited visually and in text mode.

πŸ’° Buildmaster's Pricing

How much does Buildmaster cost?

Open source

14. Atlassian Bamboo

logo Atlassian Bamboo

Atlassian Bamboo

Bamboo is a continuous integration and deployment tool that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow.

πŸ›  Atlassian Bamboo's Features

What can developer do with Atlassian Bamboo

Workflow automation

Unleash the power of agile development with automated workflows from code to deployment.

Built-in disaster recovery

Keep teams online and on track with build resilence and high availability.

Scale with confidence

Increase capacity and maintain performance as your organization grows.

Development workflow

Connect Bamboo with Bitbucket and Jira, across any deployment type, for a seamless experience.

Continuous delivery

Release with ease by using Docker and AWS CodeDeploy to deliver your final product.

Incident investigation

Integrate with Opsgenie to empower your response teams to investigate incidents quickly.

πŸ’° Atlassian Bamboo's Pricing

How much does Atlassian Bamboo cost?

Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 08.07.15.png

15. Semaphore

logo Semaphore


Semaphore, the fastest CI/CD tool on the market, enables engineers to deploy multiple software updates per day - with no technical barriers to adoption.

πŸ›  Semaphore's Features

What can developer do with Semaphore

Stay true to your

language and platform Build, test, and deploy Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rust, Android, and iOS apps. Run in parallel on Linux and macOS.

Define custom build

environments Run CI/CD in any Docker image, speed up container builds and deploy to Kubernetes on any cloud.

Build faster with smart

caching Automatically reuse standard language dependencies, with a CLI for full control for your custom files.

Optimize CI/CD runtime

With artifacts, fail-fast, auto-cancel, and job prioritization features, you can dramatically minimize the time it takes to run your CI/CD pipelines.

Model any DevOps

workflow Semaphore is great at modeling complex delivery workflows for fast feedback with chainable pipelines, parallel execution, and dependency management.

Debug failures in seconds

Use Semaphore CLI to inspect logs or SSH into running jobs. You can launch exact copies of finished workflows in less than 2 seconds.

πŸ’° Semaphore's Pricing

How much does Semaphore cost?

No public pricing information

16. Drone.io

logo Drone.io


Drone is a self-service Continuous Delivery platform for busy development teams

πŸ›  Drone.io's Features

What can developer do with Drone.io

Any Source Code Manager

Drone integrates seamlessly with multiple source code management systems, including GitHub, GitHubEnterprise, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

Any Platform

Drone natively supports multiple operating systems and architectures, including Linux x64, ARM, ARM64 and Windows x64.

Any Language

Drone works with any language, database or service that runs inside a Docker container. Choose from thousands of public Docker images or provide your own.

Simple Configuration

Don’t waste time configuring your build servers. Choose from thousands of Docker images and Drone will auto-provision your environment.

Isolated builds

Don’t worry about conflicting builds on shared servers. Every build runs in an isolated Docker container, giving you full control.

Effortless Scaling

Why choose between simplicity and scalability? Drone installs from a single binary and scales automatically.

πŸ’° Drone.io's Pricing

How much does Drone.io cost?

Open source

17. GoCD

logo GoCD


GoCD is an open source build and release tool from Thoughtworks. GoCD supports modern infrastructure and helps enterprise businesses get software delivered faster, safer, and more reliably.

πŸ›  GoCD's Features

What can developer do with GoCD

End to End Visualization

GoCD’s value stream map shows your entire path to production in a single view. Easily navigate across jobs, spot inefficiencies, and optimize your process. No plugin required, out of box CD.

Cloud Native Deployments

GoCD streamlines your CD workflow on popular cloud environments such as Kubernetes, Docker, AWS and more.

Complex Workflow Modeling

GoCD excels at modeling complex CD workflows for fast feedback with its modeling constructs, parallel execution and dependency management. No plugin required, out of box CD.

Advanced Traceability

GoCD helps you troubleshoot a broken pipeline by tracking every change from commit to deploy in real time. Compare content - both files and commit messages - across any two arbitrary builds. No plugin required, out of box CD.


GoCD integrates with many popular external tools and services via its extensible plugin architecture. We have put a lot of thought into making sure GoCD upgrades are painless and non-breaking even when you are using plugins. There are numerous high-quality, curated plugins currently available. Something you don’t see? GoCD's plugin API makes it easy to write your own.


Through our active forum, users and contributors share best practices and openly discuss a wide range of topics including GoCD and continuous delivery how-tos. To join in the conversation visit our Google group.

πŸ’° GoCD's Pricing

How much does GoCD cost?

Free and open source

18. Azure DevOps

logo Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps

Learn how you can implement modern DevOps practices with Azure, Azure DevOps Services and Team Foundation Server

πŸ›  Azure DevOps's Features

What can developer do with Azure DevOps

  • Agile Planning and Portfolio Management with Azure Boards
  • Managing Project Schedules across Teams with Delivery Plans
  • Version Controlling with Azure Repos
  • Working with Pull Requests in VS Code and Azure DevOps
  • Configuring pipelines as Code with YAML
  • Enabling Continuous Integration with Azure Pipelines
  • Embracing Continuous Delivery with Azure Pipelines
  • Package Management with Azure Artifacts
  • Collaborating with Azure DevOps Wiki
  • Test Planning and Management with Azure Test Plans
  • Exploratory Testing with Azure Test Plans
  • Web Application Load and Performance Testing
  • Monitoring App Performance with Application Insights
  • Working with Pull Requests in VS Code and GitHub

πŸ’° Azure DevOps's Pricing

How much does Azure DevOps cost?

No public pricing information

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ About DevOps

Devops is a culture and set of practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of both software developers and information technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Why is devops important in programming?

The main goal of devops is to deliver value to the end user faster and more efficiently. By automating many of the tasks involved in software development and IT operations, devops teams can focus on more important tasks that add value to the user.

Devops is important in programming because it helps to speed up the software development process and improve the quality of the software that is delivered to the end user.

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