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Top 10 database replication tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of database replication developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for database replication such as Hevo Data, Rubrik, Carbonite, SharePlex, NetApp SnapMirror, IBM Spectrum Protect, Zerto, Keboola, SnapShooter, Litestream to help you find your next database replication tool. .

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  1. Hevo Data
  2. Rubrik
  3. Carbonite
  4. SharePlex
  5. NetApp SnapMirror
  6. IBM Spectrum Protect
  7. Zerto
  8. Keboola
  9. SnapShooter
  10. Litestream

1. Hevo Data

logo Hevo Data

Hevo Data

Effortlessly load data from 150+ sources into your warehouse, transform it and deliver analytics-ready data to business tools using Hevo’s fully automated data pipeline in minutes.

🛠 Hevo Data's Features

What can developer do with Hevo Data

Extract data from anywhere

Instantly connect and read data from 150+ sources including SaaS apps and databases, and precisely control pipeline schedules down to the minute.

Load data how you need

Load data into the warehouse in near real-time and control how it lands with preload transformations, automated schema mapping, and keep data updated with CDC.

Transform data for analytics

Prepare data for analytics seamlessly as it lands in the warehouse through powerful data models and workflows that run in sync with your pipelines.

Activate data to drive action

Deliver analytics-ready data for your business teams within their SaaS applications to power data-driven decisions and process automations.

💰 Hevo Data's Pricing

How much does Hevo Data cost?


For data teams that want to get started with analytics $0/Month


For data teams that want to scale up their analytics

  • $239/Month - 5M events
  • $399/Month - 20M events
  • $759/Month - 50M events
  • $1159/Month - 100M events


For large data teams with many data sources and high data volume Get a custom quote tailored to your requirements

2. Rubrik

logo Rubrik


Organizations rely on Rubrik for resilience against cyber attacks and operational disruptions with automation, fast recovery and easy cloud adoption.

🛠 Rubrik's Features

What can developer do with Rubrik

Logical Air Gap

Prevent access via standard network protocolsㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Encryption Everywhere

Prevent breach or disclosure of data at-rest and data in-flight

Access Control at Every Level

Prevent unauthorized account compromiseㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Zero Trust Retention Lock

Prevent anyone from removing or resetting retention policies

Intelligent Data Lock

Prevent accidental or malicious mass deletion of data

Immutable by Design

Prevent unauthorized read, change, encryption, or deletion of data

💰 Rubrik's Pricing

How much does Rubrik cost?

Generally offering a free trial, there are specific charges for different features offered at a premium level.

3. Carbonite

logo Carbonite


Cloud backup software from Carbonite helps protect your personal & business data from common forms of data loss. Try Carbonite back storage by downloading a free trial today!

🛠 Carbonite's Features

What can developer do with Carbonite


Carbonite backs up all your files, photos and videos with one click


Carbonite is always on and continuously updates your backup


Easily access your backed up files with the Carbonite Mobile App.

💰 Carbonite's Pricing

How much does Carbonite cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 20.37.13.png

4. SharePlex

logo SharePlex


SharePlex is data replication software for on-premises and cloud upgrades, migrations and high availability. Download a free trial today!

🛠 SharePlex's Features

What can developer do with SharePlex

High availability

Achieve the five 9s of high availability by seamlessly moving data across your Oracle database environment.

Migrations and upgrades

Perform impact-free Oracle database migrations and upgrades without downtime or data loss.


Offload reporting to support analytics and big-data projects and improve Oracle database performance.

💰 SharePlex's Pricing

How much does SharePlex cost?

Free Data Replication can be carried on a basic level with added costs for infrastructure.

5. NetApp SnapMirror

logo NetApp SnapMirror

NetApp SnapMirror

Discover SnapMirror data replication for backup and disaster recovery and turn business-critical data into a business accelerator with unified replication software.

🛠 NetApp SnapMirror's Features

What can developer do with NetApp SnapMirror

Increase availability and speed recovery

Easily manage replication between storage endpoints, from flash to disk to cloud. Transport data seamlessly and efficiently between NetApp storage systems to support both backup and disaster recovery with the same target volume and I/O stream. Failover to any secondary volume. Recover from any point-in-time Snapshot on the secondary storage. Safeguard your most critical workloads with available zero-data–loss synchronous replication (RPO=0).

Lower your total cost of ownership

Put your secondary data to active business use and reduce your overall TCO by up to 60%. Data is stored natively, so features such as NetApp® FlexClone® technology enable you to create near-instantaneous, space-efficient copies of data on your secondary or tertiary storage. You can use these copies for multiple business functions without any negative effect on your production system.

Reduce bandwidth utilization and storage footprint

Thin replication and native network compression reduce bandwidth utilization and reduce secondary storage requirements for backup and disaster recovery. With SnapMirror, you can leverage one thin replication data stream to create a single repository that maintains both the active mirror and prior point-in-time copies, reducing network traffic by up to 50%.

💰 NetApp SnapMirror's Pricing

How much does NetApp SnapMirror cost?

The NetApp Data Replication rates vary based on the Data Replication policy chosen, starting at $0.10 per hour.

6. IBM Spectrum Protect

logo IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect

Trusted and highly scalable data protection for multicloud environments

🛠 IBM Spectrum Protect's Features

What can developer do with IBM Spectrum Protect

Multi-workload protection

Lower operational cost by unifying and simplifying data protection for physical file servers, virtual environments, and a wide-range of applications.

Tremendous scalability

Support massive data growth with a single IBM Spectrum Protect server's ability to manage up to 4 petabytes of client data and ingest up to 100 terabytes of new and changed client data per day.

Storage efficiency

Drive exceptional storage efficiency with incremental forever backups, compression, and deduplication.

Cyber resilience

Protect your storage environment with two key authorization for administrator commands, encryption, proactive security notifications, native support for Tape and immutable object storage.

Cost-effective data retention

Meet your price and performance objectives with a wide choice of cloud and on-premises storage options, including IBM Cloud Object Storage, and AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering support for inactive data.

Leverage your investment

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus customers can leverage IBM Spectrum Protect for long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

💰 IBM Spectrum Protect's Pricing

How much does IBM Spectrum Protect cost?

The pricing of IBM Spectrum Protect grows to start at $86.30 per device.

7. Zerto

logo Zerto


The all-in-one Zerto Platform, converging Backup, Disaster Recovery & Cloud Mobility in one simple, scalable solution.

🛠 Zerto's Features

What can developer do with Zerto


Eliminate manual processes to recover, migrate, failover, and test with simple, automated, and intuitive orchestration. Accelerate your IT initiatives and focus on the business needs.


Automate and streamline backup, disaster recovery, and migration operations to free up your team to focus on what’s next for your organization.


Consolidate your tools for backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility using a single, software-only platform. Gain up to 50% TCO savings, minimize your need for hardware, and easily adopt cost-effective cloud.

💰 Zerto's Pricing

How much does Zerto cost?

Generally offering a free trial, there are specific charges for different features offered at a premium level.

8. Keboola

logo Keboola


A dataops platform built to set up data practitioners for success. Sign up today and create a free account!

🛠 Keboola's Features

What can developer do with Keboola

Work as you need

ETL/ELT or streaming? Choose the best one for each of your processes. Use more than 400 connectors out of the box, or create a new connector within one hour.

Everything fits neatly into your workflow

Snowflake, dbt, GitHub, Prefect, Airflow, Spark: We operate your favorite tools and databases.

Governance and security

Metadata for all actions and jobs in the whole pipeline provide a unified observable view and allow real-time responses to events.

All our tools work seamlessly together

Sync your work and data across a selection of more than 1,400 apps and DWH without having to do any coding.

Development over the whole pipeline

When you need to change part of the pipeline, or test a new tool, config, or transformation, Keboola provides 1:1 environments.

Unlock new workflows

Pick a process and we will deliver the data and orchestrate the infrastructure for you.

💰 Keboola's Pricing

How much does Keboola cost?

Free Tier

$0/month Free forever

Enterprise plan

Contact us for pricing Change your entire organization through data

9. SnapShooter

logo SnapShooter


Take up to hourly backup and snapshots for DigitalOcean and all providers. Scheduled and simple, allowing fast recovery

🛠 SnapShooter's Features

What can developer do with SnapShooter

Server & Volume Snapshots

Schedule snapshots of your servers. Keep as many daily, weekly, and monthly backups as you want with our backup rotation retention policies. We support all major cloud providers.

Database Backups

Automate backups of your databases, MySQL, Postgresql, Mongodb and more. Our advanced retention policies allow you to keep as many daily, weekly, or monthly backups as needed.

File Backups

Automate backups of your files from any Linux based operating system. Our advanced retention policies allow you to keep as many daily, weekly, or monthly backups as needed.

Application Backups

Backing up your data is quick and easy with our fully integrated application backup solutions. Whether you build in WordPress, Craft CMS, or Laravel, SnapShooter can back up your files and your databases.

💰 SnapShooter's Pricing

How much does SnapShooter cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 10.22.25.png

10. Litestream

logo Litestream


Litestream is an open-source, real-time streaming replication tool that lets you safely run SQLite applications on a single node.

🛠 Litestream's Features

What can developer do with Litestream

No-worry backups

Continuously stream SQLite changes to AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, or NFS. Quickly recover to the point of failure if your server goes down.

Use existing apps

Runs as a separate process so you can integrate into existing applications with no code changes.

Dirt Cheap

Only costs pennies per day. Object storage is cheap so there's no need to waste money on additional servers.

💰 Litestream's Pricing

How much does Litestream cost?

Open source and free

👋🏽 About database replication

Database replication is the process of copying data from one database to another, so that the copied database is an exact duplicate of the original. This can be useful for a number of purposes, such as providing a backup of the data, enabling multiple users to access the data simultaneously, or allowing the data to be used by multiple applications.

There are several tools available for replicating databases. Some examples include:

MySQL Replication: This is a built-in feature of the MySQL database management system that allows you to replicate data from one MySQL database to another.

Oracle Data Guard: This is a feature of the Oracle database management system that allows you to replicate data from one Oracle database to another, and also provides tools for managing the replicated data.

Microsoft SQL Server Replication: This is a feature of the Microsoft SQL Server database management system that allows you to replicate data between SQL Server databases.

MongoDB Replication: This is a feature of the MongoDB database management system that allows you to replicate data from one MongoDB database to another.

Percona XtraDB Cluster: This is an open-source database cluster solution that allows you to replicate data between MySQL databases.

👋🏽 What is this page?

"What is the best database replication tool for developer? " Hope this page answering your question. This is a comparison page of recommended database replication coding tools, for developer by developer. Find your next top database replication alternative programming tools here. We list features and pricing with hope this resources can help you decide which database replication tools you need and best for your next project.

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