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Compare CouchDB VS Fauna

See different between CouchDB and Fauna, based on it features and pricing. See which tool is more suitable for your application needs, is it CouchDB or Fauna.

logo CouchDB

About CouchDB

Seamless multi-master sync, that scales from Big Data to Mobile, with an Intuitive HTTP/JSON API and designed for Reliability.

logo Fauna

About Fauna

Fauna combines the flexibility of NoSQL with the relational querying capabilities and ACID consistency of SQL systems — with native GraphQL and delivered as a cloud API so you don’t have to worry about operations.

🛠 CouchDB's Features

What can developer do with CouchDB

Single Node Database

CouchDB is a terrific single-node database that works just like any other database behind an application server of your choice.

Most people start with a single node CouchDB instance. More demanding projects can seamlessly upgrade to a cluster.


CouchDB is also a clustered database that allows you to run a single logical database server on any number of servers or VMs.

A CouchDB cluster improves on the single-node setup with higher capacity and high-availability without changing any APIs.


CouchDB makes use of the ubiquitous HTTP protocol and JSON data format and is compatible with any software that supports them. CouchDB also works great with external tools like HTTP proxy servers, load balancers.

Offline First Data Sync

CouchDB’s unique Replication Protocol is the foundation for a whole new generation of “Offline First” applications for Mobile applications and other environments with challenging network infrastructures.


CouchDB is built for servers (from a Raspberry Pi to big cloud installations), while PouchDB is built for mobile & desktop web-browsers and Couchbase Lite is built for native iOS & Android apps.

And all of them can seamlessly replicate data with each other.


CouchDB is serious about data reliability.

Individual nodes use a crash-resistent append-only data structure. A multi-node CouchDB cluster saves all data redundantly, so it is always available when you need it.

🛠 Fauna's Features

What can developer do with Fauna


  • Combine the flexibility and familiarity of JSON documents with the relationships and querying power of a traditional relational database
  • Store data as documents to write different data shapes to a collection
  • Query your database using relational features like foreign keys, views, and joins
  • Reduce complexity in your application code by executing business logic on your data directly in your database

User defined functions (UDFs)

  • Write business logic using user-defined functions in your database with Fauna Query Language (FQL)
  • Call UDFs directly in GraphQL using custom resolvers
  • Reduce time to get started with built-in functions for common queries and build your own functions using UDFs

Modern security model

  • Create fine-grained access controls to manage identity-based operations for your databases with ABAC
  • Leverage your current identity provider (Auth0, JWT, and others) to authenticate users in Fauna
  • Ensure your database is securely queried with token-based authentication

Event streaming

  • Send clients real-time updates from your database using an open, push-based streaming solution
  • Ensure authenticated access of data in streams through Fauna's attribute-based access control (ABAC)
  • Eliminate any code and infrastructure built for polling with automated real-time streaming

Programming interfaces

  • Create and access your database using drivers in JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, Go, and Scala
  • Get OOTB CRUD queries, mutations, and collections with our GraphQL API and call UDFs directly from GraphQL using resolvers
  • Interface with Fauna directly from the CLI and visualize your usage in our dashboards

Data import

  • Import GBs of JSON or CSV files to a new or existing collection from your CLI with support to define data types
  • Migrate data from your existing application or upload sample data to get started with Fauna
  • Upload data to Fauna with our dry run functionality to ensure your imports are successful

Developer tooling

  • Deploy your applications with confidence by integrating unit tests against Fauna with your preferred testing framework
  • Develop and test Fauna locally with Fauna’s docker image
  • Manage your Fauna databases and resources directly in the Serverless Framework
  • Browse your Fauna databases, indexes, collections, documents, and UDFs from your VSCode IDE

💰 Fauna's Pricing

How much does Fauna cost?


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