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Top 11 community tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of community developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for community such as Lobsters, hackernews, Hashnode, DEV Community, freeCodeCamp, CSS Tricks, Glitch, Codepen, DeepAI, GitHub Discussions, Hugging face to help you find your next community tool. .

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  1. Lobsters
  2. hackernews
  3. Hashnode
  4. DEV Community
  5. freeCodeCamp
  6. CSS Tricks
  7. Glitch
  8. Codepen
  9. DeepAI
  10. GitHub Discussions
  11. Hugging face

1. Lobsters

logo Lobsters


Technology-focused link-aggregation community

2. hackernews

logo hackernews


social news website focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship

3. Hashnode

logo Hashnode


Start a blog for free instantly and share your ideas with people in tech, developers, and engineers. Hashnode is a free blogging platform.

๐Ÿ›  Hashnode's Features

What can developer do with Hashnode

Blog on your personal domain

Map your custom domain in just seconds. Serve your blog over HTTPS with no extra configuration. Get a high performance, secure, and fully-optimized dev blog that delights your readers.

Instantly find your audience

Every time you write an article, Hashnode publishes it on your domain and shares it with the dev community members on the homepage. The readers are directed to your website to read and interact with your content.

No annoying ads/pop-ups

Knowledge sharing on Hashnode is and will always be completely free. Because we value the relationship between you and your readers, we won't show ads or pop-ups on your articles

๐Ÿ’ฐ Hashnode's Pricing

How much does Hashnode cost?


4. DEV Community

logo DEV Community

DEV Community

A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers. With you every step of your journey.

๐Ÿ’ฐ DEV Community's Pricing

How much does DEV Community cost?


5. freeCodeCamp

๐Ÿ›  freeCodeCamp's Features

What can developer do with freeCodeCamp

  • verified certification
  • curriculum start from beginner

๐Ÿ’ฐ freeCodeCamp's Pricing

How much does freeCodeCamp cost?


6. CSS Tricks

logo CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks

CSS-Tricks is a website about websites.

7. Glitch

๐Ÿ›  Glitch's Features

What can developer do with Glitch

Instant editing

Click a button, youโ€™re editing code. Start typing, your site updates. Our editor gets you moving fast, from any computer with a browser.

Better together

Millions of apps built by the magical Glitch community await your remix. Enjoy rapid, frictionless collaboration with realtime, multiplayer project editing.

Youโ€™ve never built like this

Everything you need, a full node ecosystem, a working terminal, even custom domains. Edit fearlesslyโ€”our rewind tool gives you unlimited undo.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Glitch's Pricing

How much does Glitch cost?


  • Projects and code are public by default
  • Full-stack apps that sleep after 5 minutes
  • Unlimited static sites that are always on
  • Github import/export and Prettier support

Pro $8/month

  • Private projects give you more control
  • Access control for all your apps
  • Up to 5 boosted full-stack apps that are always on


Working with a larger team? Need custom billing, or priority support? Contact glicth team

  • Easy provisioning
  • Priority Support
  • Bulk licensing
  • Access control

8. Codepen

logo Codepen


An online code editor, learning environment, and community for front-end web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript code snippets, projects, and web applications.

๐Ÿ›  Codepen's Features

What can developer do with Codepen

Build & Test

Get work done quicker by building out entire projects or isolating code to test features and animations. Want to keep it all under wraps? Upgrade to a PRO account to keep your work private.

Learn & Discover

Want to upgrade your skills and get noticed? Participating in CodePen Challenges is a great way to try something new. We frequently feature these Pens on our homepage and across social media!

Share your work

Become a part of the most active front-end community in the world by sharing work. Presenting at a conference? Show your code directly in the browser with Presentation Mode.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Codepen's Pricing

How much does Codepen cost?


  • Unlimited public Pens and Collections
  • Unlimited templates

Starter $12/month

  • Everything in Free
  • Asset hosting, 2 GB total storage, 5 MB per file
  • 10 Projects, 50 files/Project , 1 deployed
  • 2 person Collab Mode , 10 person Professor Mode, (Pens only)
  • Unlimited Private Pens, Collections, and Projects.
  • Unlimited embed themes with custom CSS
  • No ads
  • No-Login Pen Debug View
  • Live View

Developer 19$/month

  • Everything in Starter
  • Asset hosting, 10 GB total storage, 10 MB per file
  • 25 Projects, 150 files/Project, 5 deployed
  • 6 person Collab Mode , 35 person Professor Mode, (Pens only)
  • Use your own domain for Projects

Super $39/month

  • Everything in Developer
  • Asset hosting, 20 GB total storage, 15 MB per file
  • 50 Projects, 300 files/Project , 20 deployed
  • 10 person Collab Mode, 100 person Professor Mode, (Pens only)

Annual billing available for cheaper option

9. DeepAI

logo DeepAI


The most popular research, guides, news and more in artificial intelligence

๐Ÿ›  DeepAI's Features

What can developer do with DeepAI


DeepAI's agent for visual tasks


Discover the latest A.I. research


Learn top data science & A.I. terms


Track the latest news coverage in A.I.


Discover datasets for A.I. & data science

10. GitHub Discussions

logo GitHub Discussions

GitHub Discussions

GitHub Discussions is a collaborative communication forum for the community around an open source project.

๐Ÿ›  GitHub Discussions's Features

What can developer do with GitHub Discussions

  • Share announcements and information, gather feedback, plan, and make decisions
  • Ask questions, discuss and answer the questions, and mark the discussions as answered
  • Create polls to gauge community opinion
  • Foster an inviting atmosphere for visitors and contributors to discuss goals, development, administration, and workflows

๐Ÿ’ฐ GitHub Discussions's Pricing

How much does GitHub Discussions cost?


11. Hugging face

logo Hugging face

Hugging face

Weโ€™re on a journey to advance and democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฝ About community

Community for programmer is a group of people who interact and share common interests. It is important for developer because it provides support, networking opportunities, and resources.

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