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Top 14 Code Quality tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Code Quality developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Code Quality such as Codacy, Code Climate Quality, Sourcery, ESLint, prettier, SonarCloud, DeepSource, Sylver, Bridgecrew, Coverity Scan, Sonar, Fortify Static Code Analyzer, Checkmarx, Snyk Code to help you find your next Code Quality tool. .

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  1. Codacy
  2. Code Climate Quality
  3. Sourcery
  4. ESLint
  5. prettier
  6. SonarCloud
  7. DeepSource
  8. Sylver
  9. Bridgecrew
  10. Coverity Scan
  11. Sonar
  12. Fortify Static Code Analyzer
  13. Checkmarx
  14. Snyk Code

1. Codacy

logo Codacy


Enabling software development teams to achieve their full potential. Get visibility of your organization’s engineering health.

🛠 Codacy's Features

What can developer do with Codacy

High-security standards

Identify OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and prevent critical issues from affecting your product.

Code standardization

Make sure your code quality is standardized across all teams and projects by applying code patterns and getting notified on new issues.

Tailored to your needs

Save time by knowing which set standards are being broken and getting insights on how to tackle them.

Improved team velocity

Get inline annotations and 1-click commit suggestions in pull requests as soon as they are created.

Integrated in your workflow

Get notified where it matters to you. Speed up the process by receiving notifications as pull request comments or on Slack.

💰 Codacy's Pricing

How much does Codacy cost?


  • Best for individual devs and small teams
  • 15 /month / user with a yearly plan Or $18 billed monthly
  • Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.
  • Available for cloud-hosted repositories
  • Unlimited lines of code analyzed
  • 40+ programming languages supported


  • Everything from Teams plus
  • Available for cloud and self-hosted repositories
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

2. Code Climate Quality

logo Code Climate Quality

Code Climate Quality

Code Climate provides automated code review for your apps, letting you fix quality and security issues before they hit production. We check every commit, branch and pull request for changes in quality and potential vulnerabilities.

🛠 Code Climate Quality's Features

What can developer do with Code Climate Quality

Receive automated code review comments on your pull requests.

Our 10-point technical debt assessment provides real-time feedback, so you can save time and focus on what matters in your code review discussions.

Get test coverage right, every time.

See coverage line by line within diffs. Never merge code without sufficient tests again.

Win the fight against technical debt.

At a glance, identify frequently changed files that have inadequate coverage and maintainability issues. Track your progress against measurable goals, day-by-day.

Identify hot spots to focus on what matters.

Correlate code quality information against areas of high churn so you can focus your efforts on files with inadequate coverage or maintainability issues.

💰 Code Climate Quality's Pricing

How much does Code Climate Quality cost?

Open Source (Free)

  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited users

Startup (Free)

  • up to 4 seats
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Everything in the team plan up to 4 seats
  • GitHub pull request integration


  • $16.67 /mo per seat billed annually. $20 billed monthly.
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Priority support

3. Sourcery

logo Sourcery


Sourcery instantly refactors your Python code. Try Sourcery for free to improve the quality of your code and speed up your team’s development.

💰 Sourcery's Pricing

How much does Sourcery cost?

Free: Basic code quality suggestions

  • Code Quality Scores
  • Function Level Analysis
  • Basic Refactorings

Pro: $12/mo

  • Whole project analysis and in depth feedback for your work
  • Everything in Free
  • Multi-file Analysis
  • Duplicate Code Detection
  • Advanced Refactorings

Team: $24/member/month

  • Streamlined code reviews and consistent code quality for teams of 3 to 100
  • Everything in Pro
  • Self Hosted CI Integration
  • Pre Commit Hook
  • Customizable Rules
  • Centralized Billing
  • Dedicated Account Manager

4. ESLint

logo ESLint


A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. Maintain your code quality with ease.

🛠 ESLint's Features

What can developer do with ESLint

Find issues

ESLint statically analyzes your code to quickly find problems. ESLint is built into most text editors and you can run ESLint as part of your continuous integration pipeline.

Fix problems automatically

Many problems ESLint finds can be automatically fixed. ESLint fixes are syntax-aware so you won't experience errors introduced by traditional find-and-replace algorithms.

Configure everything

Preprocess code, use custom parsers, and write your own rules that work alongside ESLint's built-in rules. Customize ESLint to work exactly the way you need it for your project.

5. prettier

logo prettier


Opinionated Code Formatter

💰 prettier's Pricing

How much does prettier cost?


6. SonarCloud

logo SonarCloud


Extend your CI/CD workflow with a solution that easily integrates into your cloud DevOps platform, to deliver clean code consistently and efficiently.

🛠 SonarCloud's Features

What can developer do with SonarCloud

Dozens of languages, frameworks & IaC platforms

Protect your software assets - embedded, web, mobile apps, cloud native apps… SonarCloud covers all major programming languages.

Native integration with DevOps Platforms

Extend your DevOps Platform experience with automated code checks and import your project in minutes. Works with GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps, or GitLab.

Clear go/no-go quality gate

Fail pipelines when the quality of code doesn’t meet your defined requirements and prevent problems from being merged, or deployed.

Automatic analysis

No extra configuration is required for most languages to receive the results of the first analysis. You can start improving your code right away.

Super-fast analysis

Get super-fast feedback to help you quickly assess where the code stands in pull requests and branches. Remediate issues while code is still fresh in mind.

Actionable, highly precise results

Receive clear reports at the right place and time. Maximize your impact with high precision analysis that helps you focus on real issues, less on false positives.

Shared, unified configurations

Align your team on a consistent definition of code health. Collaborate efficiently in making your code clean and meet expectations set in your quality profile.

Sonarlint IDE integration

Import SonarCloud configuration to your IDE and bring consistency throughout your entire development process.

💰 SonarCloud's Pricing

How much does SonarCloud cost?

Price per lines of code :

  • 100k - € 10 / Month
  • 250k - € 75 / Month
  • 500k - € 150 / Month
  • 1m - € 250 / Month
  • 2m - € 500 / Month
  • 5m - € 1500 / Month
  • 10m - € 3600 / Month
  • 20m - € 5000 / Month

7. DeepSource

logo DeepSource


DeepSource brings together static analysis, SAST, IaC scanning, code coverage, reporting, and more so you can take control of your code health from a single platform.

🛠 DeepSource's Features

What can developer do with DeepSource

Create better pull-requests that get merged faster

DeepSource runs static anlaysis on every commit and helps you address code quality and security issues before you can ask your peers for a review.

Track and improve code coverage on every commit

Visualize line coverage and branch coverage, and discover missing tests. Simply send the coverage report from any CI tool and DeepSource will do the rest.

Automatically fix issues with Autofix™️

Manually fixing issues can be tedious. With Autofix™️, generate fixes for thousands of issues at once and create a pull-request automatically with the fixes.

Put code formatting on autopilot

Run popular code formatters like Black, Prettier, go fmt, isort and autopep8 automatically on every commit. DeepSource will apply the changes without you lifting a finger (on a button).

💰 DeepSource's Pricing

How much does DeepSource cost?



  • Unlimited public repositories
  • Unlimited lines of code analyzed
  • Unlimited private repositories for individual accounts
  • 1 private repository for teams/organizations
  • Continuous analysis with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket
  • 3 team members


For small teams who're just getting started with code reviews $8/month Per team member. Billed yearly.

  • All features in Free
  • Access to all analyzers
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Limited usage of Transformers and Autofix
  • Standard support


For growing teams who want to systematically automate code reviews $24/month Per team member. Billed yearly.

  • All features in Starter
  • Access to all analyzers
  • Unlimited private repositories
  • Unlimited usage of Transformers and Autofix
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Audit log
  • 2 years retention of reporting data
  • API and webhooks
  • Priority support


For organizations with self-hosted deployments, centralized control plane, and priority support requirements

  • All features in Business
  • Self-hosted deployment
  • Single sign-on
  • Support and uptime SLA guarantees
  • Custom invoicing

8. Sylver

logo Sylver


Sylver is a multi-language programmable linter

9. Bridgecrew

logo Bridgecrew


Automate and streamline your security with Bridgecrew’s developer-first security platform. Find, fix, and prevent misconfigurations and vulnerabilities from code to cloud.

🛠 Bridgecrew's Features

What can developer do with Bridgecrew

Fast, pre-commit feedback

Bridgecrew empowers developers to move fast by surfacing security feedback before code gets integrated into shared repos.

Continuous code reviews

Bridgecrew is designed to continuously scan for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities as part of every code review.

DevSecOps platform

Bridgecrew connects all scanning in a single, developer-friendly platform for complete code to cloud visibility.

💰 Bridgecrew's Pricing

How much does Bridgecrew cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 17.21.40.png

10. Coverity Scan

logo Coverity Scan

Coverity Scan

Find and fix defects in your Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, or Python open source project for free.

🛠 Coverity Scan's Features

What can developer do with Coverity Scan

  • Test every line of code and potential execution path.
  • The root cause of each defect is clearly explained, making it easy to fix bugs
  • Integrated with GitHub

💰 Coverity Scan's Pricing

How much does Coverity Scan cost?

Open source and free

11. Sonar

logo Sonar


Sonar’s industry leading solution enables developers & development teams to write clean code and remediate existing code organically.

🛠 Sonar's Features

What can developer do with Sonar

Cleaner code. lower maintenance.

Clean code is easier to enhance, keeping maintenance time and costs to a minimum.

Keep your developers. happy.

By keeping the most essential piece of your workplace—your code—clean, you create an enjoyable and satisfactory work environment for everyone.

Rework less. innovate more.

Generate greater business value by empowering developers to focus on solving interesting problems.

Minimize risks. maximize reputation.

Sonar keeps your software robust and secure with the right checks at the right place and time.

💰 Sonar's Pricing

How much does Sonar cost?


FROM $150


FROM $20,000

Data Center

FROM $130,000

12. Fortify Static Code Analyzer

logo Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Understand how Fortify Static Code Analyzer finds security issues at the speed of DevOps using static application security testing (SAST).

🛠 Fortify Static Code Analyzer's Features

What can developer do with Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Flexible Deployment

Industry-leading SAST solution available on premises, in the cloud, or AppSec-as-a-Service.

Securing Cloud-Native Apps

Comprehensive shift-left security for cloud-native applications, from IaC to serverless in a single solution.

Speed vs. Depth in SAST

Gain control of the speed and accuracy of SAST by tuning the depth of the scan and minimizing false positives with Audit Assistant.

Enterprise Scaling

Dynamically scale your SAST scans up or down to meet the changing demands of the CI/CD pipeline.

💰 Fortify Static Code Analyzer's Pricing

How much does Fortify Static Code Analyzer cost?

No public pricing information

13. Checkmarx

logo Checkmarx


Checkmarx – As the leader in application security testing, we make security simple and seamless for developers through industry-defining innovation.

🛠 Checkmarx's Features

What can developer do with Checkmarx


Deliver secure software on time. Source code, open source, IaC, APIs—you can count on us to secure it all with fast, reliable scans right from your everyday tools.


Scan when you want, ship when you want. Finding a vulnerability isn’t enough—you also need to fix it, fast. Get scan results with security that scales with you. You’ll quickly find and remediate security risks without slowing down your development pipelines.


Run automated scans easily integrated into the tools you’re already using, no matter which languages and frameworks you’re working in. Extensible? Oh yeah. Simply add or remove local scanning engines to adjust to your changing workloads.


Quickly find and remediate security risks with full or incremental scans. Complicated scenarios? Multiple systems? No problem. Complexity won’t stop you from identifying and addressing the widest range of potential vulnerabilities.

💰 Checkmarx's Pricing

How much does Checkmarx cost?

No public pricing information

14. Snyk Code

logo Snyk Code

Snyk Code

Learn more about Snyk Code that uses AI for code security testing and provides actionable suggestions right when the code is written.

🛠 Snyk Code's Features

What can developer do with Snyk Code

Real-time scanning and fixing

No more waiting for SAST reports. Scan source code in minutes — no build needed — and fix issues immediately.

Language & tool coverage

Snyk is compatible with most popular languages, IDEs, and CI/CD tools — and our coverage is constantly expanding.

Revolutionary knowledge base

A powerful machine learning engine combs millions of open source libraries, helping human-in-the-loop AI build our robust knowledge base — ensuring cutting edge security tooling.

Prioritize top code risks

Leverage broad application context to prioritize deployed or publicly exposed code issues posing a greater level of risk to your organization.

Integrations for your entire SDLC

Snyk seamlessly integrates with the most popular languages, platforms, and systems — so you can secure your code without disrupting the existing workflow.

💰 Snyk Code's Pricing

How much does Snyk Code cost?

Screenshot 2023-07-08 at 08.48.21.png

👋🏽 About Code Quality

Code quality refers to the degree to which a computer program or system meets certain expectations or standards. These expectations and standards can be determined by a variety of factors, such as the specific requirements of the program or system, industry best practices, and the personal preferences of the person or team responsible for creating the code.

Code quality is important because high-quality code is typically more maintainable, more efficient, and more reliable than low-quality code. Good code quality can also help to reduce the number of bugs and errors in a program or system, which can save time and money by reducing the need for debugging and testing. As a result, many organizations and software development teams place a high emphasis on maintaining high code quality.

👋🏽 What is this page?

"What is the best Code Quality tool for developer? " Hope this page answering your question. This is a comparison page of recommended Code Quality coding tools, for developer by developer. Find your next top Code Quality alternative programming tools here. We list features and pricing with hope this resources can help you decide which Code Quality tools you need and best for your next project.

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