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Compare best Background job tool alternative for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of Background job developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for Background job such as Defer, Sidekiq, Hangfire, Posthook, JobRunr, Inngest, abp Background Jobs, Celery, IronMQ to help you find your next Background job tool. .

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  1. Defer
  2. Sidekiq
  3. Hangfire
  4. Posthook
  5. JobRunr
  6. Inngest
  7. abp Background Jobs
  8. Celery
  9. IronMQ

1. Defer

logo Defer


Zero infrastructure Node.js background jobs

πŸ›  Defer's Features

What can developer do with Defer

Background function

Define a background function in the defer/ folder and configure it with defer().

Focus on your code, not on DevOps

Defer handles running and scaling of your jobs. You get full visibility with the realtime dashboard with:

  • Unified view of your background functions
  • Overview of jobs status, per functions
  • Quick access to actions: cancel, rerun

Multi environment ready

Add and remove environments and enable automatic preview environments for GitHub Pull Requests.

Long jobs, real resources

Run your jobs for hours with customizable resources

Get notified on Slack

Stay on top of failures when jobs or builds fails with a direct access to logs.

πŸ’° Defer's Pricing

How much does Defer cost?

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 17.15.56.png

2. Sidekiq

logo Sidekiq


Sidekiq is a simple, efficient framework for background jobs in Ruby

πŸ›  Sidekiq's Features

What can developer do with Sidekiq

  • Enable more complex job workflows with Batches and Callbacks
  • Better server reliability in the face of Ruby VM crashes
  • Better client reliability in the face of Redis networking problems
  • Pause queues (e.g. only process a queue during business hours)
  • Expire unprocessed jobs after a deadline
  • Send job processing metrics to Statsd
  • High performance API extensions using Redis's Lua support
  • Search for jobs in the Web UI

πŸ’° Sidekiq's Pricing

How much does Sidekiq cost?

Open source

3. Hangfire

logo Hangfire


An easy way to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring tasks in ASP.NET applications. No Windows Service required, backed by persistent storage.

πŸ›  Hangfire's Features

What can developer do with Hangfire


Easy to set up, easy to use. No Windows Service, no Windows Scheduler, no separate applications required.

Background jobs are regular static or instance .NET methods with regular arguments – no base class or interface implementation required.


Background jobs are created in a persistent storage – SQL Server and Redis supported officially, and a lot of other community-driven storages.

You can safely restart your application and use Hangfire with ASP.NET without worrying about application pool recycles.


Built-in web interface allow you to see the whole picture of your background processing, as well as observe the state of each background job.

Out of the box support for popular logging frameworks allows you to catch errors early with zero configuration.


Once a background job was created without any exception, Hangfire takes the responsibility to process it with the at least once semantics.

You are free to throw unhandled exceptions or terminate your application – background jobs will be re-tried automatically.


Background method calls and their arguments are serialized and may overcome the process boundaries.

You can use Hangfire on different machines to get more processing power with no configuration – synchronization is performed automatically.


Job filters allow you to add custom features to the background processing in a way similar to ASP.NET MVC action filters.

Job storage access is fully abstracted and you can implement the support for your favorite storage. Dashboard supports modifications too.


Although the default installation uses SQL Server and polling technique to fetch jobs, you can leverage MSMQ or Redis extensions to reduce the processing latency to minimum.


You don't need to perform manual storage clean-up – Hangfire keeps it as clean as possible and removes old records automatically.

Open Source

Hangfire is open source software and is completely free for commercial use. It is licensed under LGPLv3 license.

πŸ’° Hangfire's Pricing

How much does Hangfire cost?




$500 per organization / year


$1,500 per organization / year


$4,500 per organization / year

4. Posthook

logo Posthook


Enables applications to schedule tasks for later with simple API

πŸ›  Posthook's Features

What can developer do with Posthook

Use your Existing Infrastructure

No need to set up and manage additional infrastructure. Works with any HTTP-based backends, including serverless ones.

Architected for Reliability

Posthook is hosted on multiple Google Cloud Platform availability zones and leverages highly available systems.


Requests to your servers are made over HTTPS and cryptographically signed so they can be verified to be legitimate.

Rich Dashboard

Manage your projects and see the status of your scheduled requests at a glance.

Failure Notifications

Get instantly notified when we are not able to complete a scheduled request to your application.

Custom Retries

Configure the number of times Posthook retries scheduled requests and the delay between each retry.

πŸ’° Posthook's Pricing

How much does Posthook cost?

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 17.47.18.png

5. JobRunr

logo JobRunr


JobRunr Β· a distributed Java background job scheduler for your microservice architecture

πŸ›  JobRunr's Features

What can developer do with JobRunr

20% productivity increase.

We have seen a 20% developer productivity increase thanks to JobRunr Pro. As our first line support uses the dashboard to diagnose issues and help our customers, the engineering team can focus on what matters.

Trusted by developers worldwide.

With 12.000 unique downloads per month and over 10 billion processed jobs in less than a year, JobRunr is trusted and loved by developers worldwide.

Scale beyond your dreams.

Easily handle millions of jobs daily without altering your code - JobRunr can easily be added to any software architecture, whether it is a micro-service architecture or a modular monolith.

Runs like a Swiss watch.

Even in the most volatile environment, JobRunr Pro makes sure your business processes run like clockwork.

Loved by your operations team.

JobRunr leverages your existing infrastructure, which can be either a SQL or a NoSQL database.

Don't bother your legal team.

We're not another SaaS company and we don't have access to your data.

πŸ’° JobRunr's Pricing

How much does JobRunr cost?


free for everyone, including all companies


streamline your workflows and background jobs 4950 $ per PRD cluster / year (excl. VAT)


our most powerful offering with security and much more No public pricing information

6. Inngest

logo Inngest


Inngest is an open source platform that enables developers to build amazing products by ensuring serverless functions are reliable, schedulable and event-driven.

πŸ›  Inngest's Features

What can developer do with Inngest

Background Jobs

Out of the critical path

Ensure your API is fast by running your code, asynchronously, in the background.

No queues or workers required

Serverless background jobs mean you don’t need to set up queues or long-running workers.

Scheduled Jobs

Serverless cron jobs

Run your function on a schedule to repeat hourly, daily, weekly or whatever you need.

No workarounds needed

Tell Inngest when to run it and we'll take care of the rest.


Build reliable webhooks

Inngest acts as a layer which can handle webhook events and that run your functions automatically.

Full observability

The Inngest Cloud dashboard gives your complete observability into what event payloads were received and how your functions ran.

Internal Tools

Trigger scripts on demand

Easily run necessary scripts on-demand triggered from tools like Retool or your own internal admin.

Run code with events from anywhere

Slack or Stripe webhook events can trigger your code to run based off things like refunds or Slackbot interactions.

User Journey Automation

User-behaviour driven

Build out user-behavior driven flows for your product that are triggered by events sent from your app or third party integrations like drip email campaigns, re-activation campaigns, or reminders.

Step functions

Add delays, connect multiple events, and build multi-step workflows to create amazing personalized experiences for your users.

Event-driven Systems

Design around events

Developers can send and subscribe to a variety of internal and external events, creating complex event-driven architectures without worrying about infrastructure and boilerplate.

Auto-generated event schemas

Events are parsed and schemas are generated and versioned automatically as you send events giving more oversight to the events that power your application.

πŸ’° Inngest's Pricing

How much does Inngest cost?

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 10.48.59.png

7. abp Background Jobs

logo abp Background Jobs

abp Background Jobs

Background jobs are used to queue some tasks to be executed in the background.

πŸ›  abp Background Jobs's Features

What can developer do with abp Background Jobs

Background jobs are used to queue some tasks to be executed in the background. You may need background jobs for several reasons. Here are some examples:

  • To perform long-running tasks without having the users wait. For example, a user presses a 'report' button to start a long-running reporting job. You add this job to the queue and send the report's result to your user via email when it's completed.
  • To create re-trying and persistent tasks to guarantee that a code will be successfully executed. For example, you can send emails in a background job to overcome temporary failures and guarantee that it eventually will be sent. That way users do not wait while sending emails.

Background jobs are persistent that means they will be re-tried and executed later even if your application crashes.

πŸ’° abp Background Jobs's Pricing

How much does abp Background Jobs cost?

Open source

8. Celery

logo Celery


Celery is a simple, flexible, and reliable distributed system to process vast amounts of messages. It’s a task queue with focus on real-time processing, while also supporting task scheduling.

πŸ›  Celery's Features

What can developer do with Celery


Celery is easy to use and maintain, and it doesn’t need configuration files. It has an active, friendly community you can talk to for support, including a mailing-list and an IRC channel.

Highly Available

Workers and clients will automatically retry in the event of connection loss or failure, and some brokers support HA in way of Primary/Primary or Primary/Replica replication.


A single Celery process can process millions of tasks a minute, with sub-millisecond round-trip latency (using RabbitMQ, librabbitmq, and optimized settings).


Almost every part of Celery can be extended or used on its own, Custom pool implementations, serializers, compression schemes, logging, schedulers, consumers, producers, broker transports, and much more.

πŸ’° Celery's Pricing

How much does Celery cost?

Open source and free

9. IronMQ

logo IronMQ


DevOps serverless application tools to run background tasks with Docker containers and manage messaging queues with cloud elasticity and no vendor lock-in

πŸ›  IronMQ's Features

What can developer do with IronMQ

Pull, Push and Long Polling support

Supports a rich set of features including push and pull queues, long polling, error queues, alerts and triggers, and more.

Automated Failover

MQ is a global service that runs on multiple clouds and availability zones. For advanced users with critical messaging needs, queues can automatically point to alternative zones in case of an outage without having to change any code.

Highly Scalable

Runs on top of cloud infrastructure and uses multiple high-availability data centers. MQ scales without the need for you to add and maintain resources yourself.

REST based API

Uses HTTPS/Rest-based APIs for simple and efficient cloud use. Built with MQ standards in mind for maximum flexibility and configuration.

πŸ’° IronMQ's Pricing

How much does IronMQ cost?

No public pricing information

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ About Background job

Background job is a task or process that is executed separately from the main program and runs in the background without interfering with the user's interaction with the system. These jobs are typically initiated by the user or by the system itself, and can perform a wide range of functions such as data processing, system maintenance, backups, and updates.

Background jobs are commonly used in operating systems and software applications to perform tasks that may take a long time to complete, or that need to run continuously. For example, a file download or an update process can be run as a background job so that the user can continue to work on other tasks while the job is being executed in the background.

Background jobs can also be managed and monitored by the system, and can be configured to run automatically at certain times or in response to specific events or conditions. This allows for more efficient use of system resources, as well as improved performance and responsiveness of the system overall.

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