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Top 12 API Documentation tools for developer in 2023.

See details of features and pricing of API Documentation developer tools. We're comparing best apps, libraries or tools for API Documentation such as Dapi, Redocly, Stoplight, ReadMe, DapperDox, OpenAPI Generator, LucyBot's DocGen, Theneo, archbee.com, RapiDoc, Slate, treblle to help you find your next API Documentation tool. .

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  1. Dapi
  2. Redocly
  3. Stoplight
  4. ReadMe
  5. DapperDox
  6. OpenAPI Generator
  7. LucyBot's DocGen
  8. Theneo
  9. archbee.com
  10. RapiDoc
  11. Slate
  12. treblle

1. Dapi

πŸ›  Dapi's Features

What can developer do with Dapi


More than just editing an openAPI doc, you can define the model relationship, draw sequence diagram to understand better the logic behind each API.


Deploy a password-protected API doc site and mock API server whenever you want. Let others in the team to do the integration and review before the API is ready.


Follow the updates and always keeping everybody aligned on the latest API. Review the API designing before the performance issue happens.

πŸ’° Dapi's Pricing

How much does Dapi cost?


For personal use and for teams trying out Dapi

  • 3 personal projects
  • 1 project collaborator
  • 1 team
  • Unlimited team members
  • 1 team project
  • API doc site
  • Mock API server


$29/month or $290/year

  • Unlimited personal projects
  • Unlimited project collaborators
  • Unlimited team
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited team projects
  • API doc site
  • Mock API server
  • Cancel the plan at anytime

2. Redocly

logo Redocly


OpenAPI-generated documentation tool with 17,000+ stars on Github - for API docs you can be proud of.

πŸ›  Redocly's Features

What can developer do with Redocly

Publish classy API docs in seconds

Connect your Git provider or upload your OpenAPI definition, and let Redocly do its auto-magic. Get beautiful and fully featured docs from day one.

Customize to your brand heart’s content

Make your docs 100% awesome and 100% you. Easily style every part of your API journey with built-in tooling, or go deeper with low-level tweaks.

These docs are a joy to write...

All hands on deck! Redocly’s API docs and accompanying Workflows cloud collab ensure easy, frictionless teamwork for everyone in the pipeline.

… and a joy to read

for humans, robots.txt πŸ€–, and everyone in between (meaning, hardcore developers working for your next integration partner).

πŸ’° Redocly's Pricing

How much does Redocly cost?

Yearly pricing


$0USD/month Individual use to power your API with amazing docs.


$69USD/month Launch API docs quickly.


$300USD/month Build custom API journeys with portals and cloud collaboration.


Let's talk (Custom) Scale to API maturity your way with the help of our team.

Monthly pricing


$0USD/month Individual use to power your API with amazing docs.


$79USD/month Launch API docs quickly.


$360USD/month Build custom API journeys with portals and cloud collaboration.


Let's talk (Custom) Scale to API maturity your way with the help of our team.

3. Stoplight

logo Stoplight


Using Stoplight you can create OpenAPI descriptions, documentation, mock servers much faster than other API tools, with no specialized knowledge required in one centralized platform.

πŸ›  Stoplight's Features

What can developer do with Stoplight

Design APIs in Minutes with Stoplight Studio

Empower technical and non-technical stakeholders to create and collaborate on API designs in OpenAPI and JSON Schema using an intuitive user interface. Use instant mock servers to test out designs and get early feedback.

Create Beautiful Developer Experiences

Drive API adoption by providing internal and external developers with always up-to-date interactive documentation, tutorials, and code samples.

Scale with Confidence

Whether you work with a couple of APIs and collaborators, or you're managing a large API program, we've made sharing APIs, tracking changes, managing dependencies, and creating style guides a breeze. Just connect your Git repos, and we'll make sure things are always up to date.

πŸ’° Stoplight's Pricing

How much does Stoplight cost?

Stoplight Annually Price Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 09.29.06.png

Stoplight Monthly Price Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 09.29.06.png

4. ReadMe

logo ReadMe


Make your APIs easy to use and your developers successful.

πŸ›  ReadMe's Features

What can developer do with ReadMe

One place to learn about your API

Give developers everything they need in a unified hub: your API reference, help guides, sample code tutorials, and more.

Simple for your team to manage

It’s easy for engineers, PMs, and technical writers to publish content or make changes β€” no code required.

A jumpstart for your API users

Developers can try out your API right from your docs and see what’s working (or not) with real-time logs.

Help your API users get started faster.

Developers want to dive in and try things out, so the Try It playground lets them to do just that. Auto-generated code snippets jumpstart their integrations, and shareable links for every API request make it easy to debug issues or get support.

Public docs or limited access — it’s up to you.

ReadMe hubs can be public or private, so you control who has access. And when developers log into your hub, you know exactly who’s viewed a guide or made their first API call. You can even serve up custom content like API keys, just for them.

Easily make edits, no code required.

The best docs are current docs, and with ReadMe it’s easy for anyone on your team to make changes. You’ll save time on updates and reduce the bottleneck around engineering, while ensuring developers always have the latest info.

πŸ’° ReadMe's Pricing

How much does ReadMe cost?


$0 per project per month Kick off your hub with only an API Reference


$99 per project per month Build out your hub and get more out of Metrics


$399 per project per month Get complete design control and whitelabeling


$2000 per project per month Scalable hubs for more complex deployments

5. DapperDox

logo DapperDox


Build the ultimate developer experience - Create rich, browsable reference documentation and guides for your APIs

πŸ›  DapperDox's Features

What can developer do with DapperDox

Open API

Publish your Open API Swagger specifications like never before.

Multiple specifications

Document multiple API specifications as a suite of products, and cross-reference as required.

Author in markdown

Author full documentation in Github Flavoured Markdown, and seamlessly overlay onto your Swagger API documentation.

API explorer

The built-in API explorer enables API experimentation from within the documentation pages, and can seamlessly integrate into your authentication and API key model.

Site integration

DapperDox can proxy your developer platform, allowing full integration of API key generation and management alongside your specifications and guides.

Multi theme

Change themes and present your documentation in the style you like!

πŸ’° DapperDox's Pricing

How much does DapperDox cost?

Open source and free

6. OpenAPI Generator

logo OpenAPI Generator

OpenAPI Generator

Generate clients, servers, and documentation from OpenAPI 2.0/3.x documents

πŸ›  OpenAPI Generator's Features

What can developer do with OpenAPI Generator

Easy to Use

With 50+ client generators, you can easily generate code to interact with any server which exposes an OpenAPI document.

Maintainers of APIs may also automatically generate and distribute clients as part of official SDKs.

Each client supports different options and features, but all templates can be replaced with your own Mustache-based templates.


Getting started with server development can be tough, especially if you're evaluating technologies. We can reduce the burden when you bring your own OpenAPI document. Generate server stubs for 40+ different languages and technologies, including Java, Kotlin, Go, and PHP.

Some generators support Inversion of Control, allowing you to iterate on design via your OpenAPI document without worrying about blowing away your entire domain layer when you regenerate code.


Ever wanted to iteratively design a MySQL database, but writing table declarations was too tedious?

OpenAPI Generator offers some special generators such as Apache2 Configuration, MySQL and GraphQL schema generators.

You can easily extend these generators and their templates to create derivative generators!


OpenAPI documents allow you to convert the metadata about your API into some other format.

We include documentation formats such as HTML and Cwiki, which allow you to distribute static documentation to your consumers.

We also support generating from OpenAPI 2.0 to newer JSON/YAML OpenAPI 3.x documents.

πŸ’° OpenAPI Generator's Pricing

How much does OpenAPI Generator cost?

Open source

7. LucyBot's DocGen

logo LucyBot's DocGen

LucyBot's DocGen

APIs should be easy. LucyBot provides tools and services for creating and consuming APIs

πŸ›  LucyBot's DocGen's Features

What can developer do with LucyBot's DocGen

API Documentation

LucyBot's tools automatically generate documentation for every operation, parameter, and response. You can also use Markdown or HTML to create custom documentation pages.

Test Console

An API Console allows developers to make sample calls to your API. This helps your users explore, debug, and learn about everything your API is capable of.

Interactive Workflows

A workflow is a step-by-step interactive tutorial for accomplishing a particular use case. Users can choose the programming language they want to work in, and are shown exactly what code they need to write.

Open Standards

LucyBot utilizes open standards like Markdown and OpenAPI to automate the documentation process, and generates a portable set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript assets. So you're never locked in - your documentation is always up-to-date and runs anywhere.

πŸ’° LucyBot's DocGen's Pricing

How much does LucyBot's DocGen cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 20.13.33.png

8. Theneo

logo Theneo


Generate Stripe-like API docs in just a few clicks. We support OpenAPI, Postman, GraphQL and much more.

πŸ›  Theneo's Features

What can developer do with Theneo

Generate API Documentation

  • Build interactive API docs
  • Customize you documentation
  • Create and launch quickly
  • Update easily within seconds
  • Built for everyone

Auto-translation For The API Requests

  • Import your API collection
  • Drag and drop your requests
  • Automatically convert your script into any programming language Supports - Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Go, .Net

Track How Customers Use Your API

  • Understand & serve customers better
  • Analyze user behavior
  • Receive user feedback for personalization


Import your collections manually or use our integrations to automatically migrate your work from:

  • Swagger
  • Postman
  • Github

πŸ’° Theneo's Pricing

How much does Theneo cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 20.19.01.png

9. archbee.com

logo archbee.com


Archbee helps teams build product documentation sites for their customers by making it easy to write and publish developer guides, API docs, and more.

πŸ›  archbee.com's Features

What can developer do with archbee.com

Custom content blocks

Readily-available blocks are a forward slash / away. These help you easily and quickly format documents. Especially useful when building or editing content in Archbee.

Basic and advanced

Headings; Expandable headings; Tables; Bulleted and Numbered lists; Checklists; Callouts; CTA buttons; Link blocks; Horizontal dividers; Vertical splits; Tabs; Mini-tasks.


Dedicated blocks for software documentation. Include: Code editor - multi-language; easily reorganize multiple tabs with drag and drop. Code drawer - show code examples in a 2-column layout. Mermaid diagram - use the Archbee Mermaid integration and create diagrams with a markdown-like syntax. API endpoint widget lets you accurately describe and provide API specifications to your team or customers: URL, Parameters, Cookies, Request structure, and Response structure. OpenAPI / Swagger specifications - supported out of the box GraphiQL - Provides a complete description of the data in your API Changelog - an easy-to-use template to record changes to your software.


Quick imports of files, images (including GIFs), or YouTube or Vimeo embeds.


iFrame/HTML, Loom, Airtable, Figma, Miro, GitHub Gist, Numeracy, Codepen, Trello, Typeform, Miro, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Mode Analytics, Lucidchart. For more info, check the integrations page.

Content snippets

Content snippets are automatically added to the editor block for easy access throughout the spaces. You create and edit snippets with the reusable content feature.

Markdown Shortcuts

Archbee's editor also supports Markdown syntax plus additional shortcuts to render custom blocks.

Focus mode

Toggle Focus mode on the left-hand-side navigation menu to get a wider, cleaner editing area.

πŸ’° archbee.com's Pricing

How much does archbee.com cost?

STARTER For minimalistic software documentation needs FREE Up to 3 members Up to 3 spaces Custom domain Basic branding GitHub integration

GROWING Standard features to manage and distribute documentation $49/m Unlimited documentation Enhanced branding Custom JavaScript Public and private portals Password protection

SCALING Advanced features and full branding for scaling documentation $149/m Everything in Growing Full branding Portal versioning Reusable content Language localization

ENTERPRISE Large deployments, advanced security, and API integrations. $499/m Everything in Scaling SAML (Okta, Azure, Google) Public API Access Print to PDF Dedicated onboarding

10. RapiDoc

logo RapiDoc


RapiDoc is Web Component for viewing Swagger & OpenAPI Spec. Supports themes, styling and various rendering styles

πŸ›  RapiDoc's Features

What can developer do with RapiDoc

Web Component Standard

Free of any frameworks, setups, configs, build steps or packaging. Can be used with any framework or just with vanilla javascript

Easy Usage

Use It just like any other HTML Tag, Change its attribute using JavaScript and see it react to those changes. Basic knowledge of HTML is all that's required

Fully Customizable

Style it to your heart's content. Change font, logo, colors and theme. Inject external HTML or embed into another HTML document.

Small And Fast

Minimal dependencies, no runtime and no virtual DOM ensures lowest memory consumption, Just native and raw speed of modern browser.

Seamlessly interoperable

Loved by tech writers, designers, dev-ops, testers and developers alike, due to its simplicity, interoperability and powerful features. No special build-steps, runtime or framework required

Integrated Console

Comes with built in console to Try out the APIs. Supports authentication mechanism. No validation ensures, you can test negative cases.

Better Usability

Browse the spec with minimal clicks. All models & examples are expanded by default, eliminates the need to click and reveal. Requests and Responses are pre-populated with sample data.

πŸ’° RapiDoc's Pricing

How much does RapiDoc cost?

Open source

11. Slate

logo Slate


Beautiful static documentation for your API.

πŸ›  Slate's Features

What can developer do with Slate

  • Clean, intuitive design β€” With Slate, the description of your API is on the left side of your documentation, and all the code examples are on the right side. Inspired by Stripe's and PayPal's API docs. Slate is responsive, so it looks great on tablets, phones, and even in print.
  • Everything on a single page β€” Gone are the days when your users had to search through a million pages to find what they wanted. Slate puts the entire documentation on a single page. We haven't sacrificed linkability, though. As you scroll, your browser's hash will update to the nearest header, so linking to a particular point in the documentation is still natural and easy.
  • Slate is just Markdown β€” When you write docs with Slate, you're just writing Markdown, which makes it simple to edit and understand. Everything is written in Markdown β€” even the code samples are just Markdown code blocks.
  • Write code samples in multiple languages β€” If your API has bindings in multiple programming languages, you can easily put in tabs to switch between them. In your document, you'll distinguish different languages by specifying the language name at the top of each code block, just like with GitHub Flavored Markdown.
  • Out-of-the-box syntax highlighting for over 100 languages, no configuration required.
  • Automatic, smoothly scrolling table of contents on the far left of the page. As you scroll, it displays your current position in the document. It's fast, too. We're using Slate at TripIt to build documentation for our new API, where our table of contents has over 180 entries. We've made sure that the performance remains excellent, even for larger documents.
  • Let your users update your documentation for you β€” By default, your Slate-generated documentation is hosted in a public GitHub repository. Not only does this mean you get free hosting for your docs with GitHub Pages, but it also makes it simple for other developers to make pull requests to your docs if they find typos or other problems. Of course, if you don't want to use GitHub, you're also welcome to host your docs elsewhere.
  • RTL Support Full right-to-left layout for RTL languages such as Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Hebrew etc.

πŸ’° Slate's Pricing

How much does Slate cost?

Open source and free

12. treblle

logo treblle


The lightweight SDK for rapid API development, real-time monitoring, analytics, automated API docs, alongside automated API security audits. Easy integration & 18+ language/framework support.

πŸ›  treblle's Features

What can developer do with treblle

Real-time API Monitoring: Track API performance and availability in real-time.

Error Tracking and Alerts: Identify and track API errors with customizable alerts.

Performance Insights: Gain valuable insights into API performance for optimization.

Debugging Tools: Efficiently debug and resolve issues in your API implementations.

Integration Support: Seamlessly integrate Treblle with popular development tools.

Historical Data Analysis: Analyze historical trends for long-term performance improvements.

Security Monitoring: Detect and address potential vulnerabilities in API implementations.

Documentation Generation: Automatically generate up-to-date API documentation.

Scalability and Reliability: Ensure high scalability and reliability for large-scale API monitoring.

User-friendly Interface: Intuitive interface for easy navigation and efficient monitoring.

πŸ’° treblle's Pricing

How much does treblle cost?


250K API requests/mo 1 user 14 day data retention Unlimited projects

STARTER (99$/month)

1M API requests/mo 5 users 30 day data retention Unlimited projects TEAM (299$/month) 5M API requests/mo 10 users 60 day data retention

Unlimited projects

ENTERPRISE (custom) Custom API requests/mo Unlimited users Customizable data retention Unlimited projects SHORT INTRO

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Why is API-Documentation important for programmer?

API documentation is important for programmers because it allows them to understand how to use the interfaces exposed by a given library, framework or application. It also allows programmers to understand the behavior of these interfaces in order to avoid potential issues when using them.

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