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What is Xata ?

Xata is a branchable serverless database, analytics engine, and free-text search engine with a spreadsheet-like UI and an indefinitely scalable data API.

🛠 Xata's Features

What can developer do with Xata

Lightweight and Type-Safe

Our TypeScript SDK has a tiny footprint and zero dependencies. It runs anywhere (Node.js, Deno, browsers, Cloudflare Workers, etc.) and your app will load faster than ever. We generate TypeScript types from your database schema, so your code is safe and you get autocomplete in your IDE.

No Servers, No Ops, No Stress!

If you don't worry about servers for your application, why should you worry about servers (or nodes, or clusters) when using a database service? Xata is the perfect companion for Serverless applications. We take care of high availability, scaling, backups, and keeping your latency to the absolute minimum, so you can focus on building your application.

As Easy as a Spreadsheet

Navigate the data and modify the schema as if you were editing a spreadsheet. Editing, filtering, grouping, sorting, and searching are all at your fingertips. It even gives you code samples ready to be used in your application.

Bring Your Data

Have you created an MVP using Airtable, Notion, or another No-Code tool? Are you ready to move to a database that is a better fit for application development, offering large scalability, ACID transactions, and constraints? Our automatic data migrators get you started in no time.

Built-in Search Engine

No need to set up and pay for additional infrastructure just for searching in the data you already have! Search a single or multiple tables at a time, and specify relevancy boosters. For example, you can boost newer entries, or you can boost based on the number of up-votes. All configurable via a simple-to-use UI.

Built-in Analytics Engine

Aggregations and facets are a key part of almost any app. Active users over time, top-paying customers, most reviewed entries, number of reviews over time, the number of products in each category. Create visualizations with the GUI, then click the “Get code snippet” button to get the code to recreate them in your app.

💰 Xata's Pricing

How much does Xata cost?

Pay As You Grow

Xata is completely free while in closed beta. When we launch, we will offer a generous production-ready free plan for small or personal projects.

Disclaimer: Last updated is 1 year ago. Always refer to https://xata.io for Xata updates.

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