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What is Vald ?

Vald is high scalable distributed high-speed approximate nearest neighbor search engine

🛠 Vald's Features

What can developer do with Vald

Asynchronize Auto Indexing

Usually the graph requires locking during indexing, which cause stop-the-world. But Vald uses distributed index graph so it continues to work during indexing.

Customizable Ingress/Egress Filtering

Vald implements it's own highly customizable Ingress/Egress filter. Which can be configured to fit the gRPC interface.

Cloud-native based vector searching engine

Horizontal scalable on memory and cpu for your demand.

Auto Indexing Backup

Vald supports to auto backup feature using Object Storage or Persistent Volume which enables disaster recovery.

Distributed Indexing

Vald distribute vector index to multiple agent, each agent stores different index.

Index Replication

Vald stores each index in multiple agents which enables index replicas. Automatically rebalance the replica when some Vald agent goes down.

Easy to use

Vald can be easily installed in a few steps.

Highly customizable

You can configure the number of vector dimension, the number of replica and etc.

Multi language supported

Golang, Java, Nodejs and python is supported.

💰 Vald's Pricing

How much does Vald cost?

Open source

Disclaimer: Last updated is 3 weeks ago. Always refer to https://vald.vdaas.org for Vald updates.

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