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About Studio 3T

Choose the right MongoDB GUI – choose Studio 3T. Build queries fast, generate code, import/export, migrate data from & to SQL, and much more.

🛠 Studio 3T's Features

What can developer do with Studio 3T


Auto-complete queries in a built-in mongo shell that highlights syntax errors as you type and saves your query history.

Visual Query Builder

Perfect for MongoDB beginners, a time-saver for pros. Use a drag-and-drop UI to build complex find() queries and filter array elements.

Aggregation Editor

Break down aggregation queries into manageable steps and build them stage by stage, for easier debugging and querying.

SQL Query

Put your SQL skills to good use. Query MongoDB with SQL using SELECT, DISTINCT, GROUP BY, INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, and more.

💰 Studio 3T's Pricing

How much does Studio 3T cost?


available for basic usage

Basic $199/user/year

  • Visual Query Builder
  • In-Place editing
  • IntelliShell
  • Tasks
  • Task Scheduler
  • Visual Explain
  • Read-only lock
  • Aggregation Editor
  • Table, Tree and JSON view

Pro $399/user/year

  • Everything in Basic
  • SQL Query
  • Query code
  • SQL Import / Export
  • Data Compare and Sync
  • Schema Explorer

Disclaimer: Last updated is 1 month ago. Always refer to https://studio3t.com for Studio 3T updates.

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