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What is QuickMocker ?

API Mock, fake API, mock server, simulate or stub API, dummy API and web services, API for tests, test doubles, fake random data, response templating, create webhook, capture server callbacks, RegExp URL

🛠 QuickMocker's Features

What can developer do with QuickMocker

Instant Request Log

We provide an instant log of requests per each of your project which captures in "live mode" (instantly, no page refresh needed) all of requests made to your endpoints. Use it to debug your webhooks, apps etc.


Use more than 100 shortcodes (contextual or faker response values) to generate request related or some fake random data. Could be anything starting from random numbers and ending with user profile data.

OpenAPI Import

Create dummy API endpoints in seconds. Import endpoints' prototypes from OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) Specifications using its JSON schema.

Local Forwarder

Forward instaltly requests from QuickMocker app to your local application URL that does not have public DNS/IP address while creating and integrating webhooks or any server callbacks.

RegExp URL

Use Regular Expressions (RegEx) inside the URL path to intercept requests with different URLs using the same endpoint and extract RegExp matches as parameters into response body using shortcodes.

Multiple HTTP Methods

You can set more than 1 HTTP method per mock endpoint (fake endpoint), which means you can intercept even all the requests using one single mock endpoint.

Request Proxy

Turn your fake web services into a "proxy server". Proxy requests to any external URL. Use requests log to debug and test the incoming request and the resulting response from the extrenal source.

Access Restrictions

Restrict access to your mock API or specific fake endpoint based on the IP address or Authorization Header. Use this to simulate and debug authorized and unauthorized requests.

💰 QuickMocker's Pricing

How much does QuickMocker cost?


Try out our main features Free No Credit Card Needed!


Get most of the benefits $2.99 / Month


Remove the limits $5.99 / Month

Disclaimer: Last updated is 4 months ago. Always refer to https://quickmocker.com for QuickMocker updates.

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