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What is QA Touch ?

A Test Case Management Tool that enables you to deliver high-quality software with multiple integrations, test reports, in-built requirements, and mind mapping tools.

πŸ›  QA Touch's Features

What can developer do with QA Touch

Effective Test Management

Manage Projects, Releases, Test cases, and Issues in the most structured way in a single repository.

In-Built Bug Tracking

Log, categorize and Track down every bug from incidence till closure using our In-built Enterprise Defect Module

Seamless Dashboards

Get a general overview as well as project wise overview of the testing progress in terms of test cases, runs, issues and user activity logs


Generate unique general and managerial reports right from test cases to releases pertaining to and communicate them through mail to your project stakeholders.

Custom Roles

Create organization specific roles for team members and set project-based as well as feature based visibility levels

Test Suites

Leverage test suites like Smoke, Regression, Adhoc to help brand managers, project managers or business analysts check the website workflow.

Agile Board

The agile board is a visual board with cards to create and display the tasks in the testing project. The user can manage the workload by communicating the tasks across the team and view the progress of the project.

Requirements Mapping

Map requirements with appropriate test cases and track them using the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Stepwise Execution

Execute each test case, add status, assignee and issues separately for each test step.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields specific to your business requirements. Leverage several input types such as :

  • Radio Option
  • Text Box
  • Select Box
  • Check Box
  • Text Area

Audio Recording Of Issues

Don’t waste time typing! Just voice record issues and communicate in your native language for effective project collaboration.

Test Plan

Create Test Plan and map with Test Run to do successful execution aligned with the planning.

Public Dashboard

Share your eye candy Team Dashboard Reports to your customers through a Dedicated link to view without login. Also Can see the progress of an overview of the tests.

Screen Recording

Create and Share your screen recordings to your colleagues to report visually on fixing bugs.

Inbuilt Mindmap

Analyze, structure and elevate your project understanding. Use QA Touch to depict and share your requirements and processes through a comprehensive mind map representation.

Multi Language Support

QA Touch speaks your native language. Simplify your test management by translating your QA Touch platform to the language you’re comfortable with.

πŸ’° QA Touch's Pricing

How much does QA Touch cost?


Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 09.55.00.png


Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 09.55.13.png

Disclaimer: Last updated is 6 months ago. Always refer to https://www.qatouch.com for QA Touch updates.

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