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What is Prisma ?

Prisma is a next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, and CockroachDB. It provides type-safety, automated migrations, and an intuitive data model.

πŸ›  Prisma's Features

What can developer do with Prisma


Data model you can read

The Prisma schema is intuitive and lets you declare your database tables in a human-readable way β€” making your data modeling experience a delight. You define your models by hand or introspect them from an existing database.


Type-safe database client

Prisma Client is a query builder that’s tailored to your schema. We designed its API to be intuitive, both for SQL veterans and developers brand new to databases. The auto-completion helps you figure out your query without the need for documentation.


Hassle-free migrations

Prisma Migrate auto-generates SQL migrations from your Prisma schema. These migration files are fully customizable, giving you full control and ultimate flexibility β€” from local development to production environments.


Visual database browser

Prisma Studio is the easiest way to explore and manipulate data in your Prisma projects. Understand your data by browsing across tables, filter, paginate, traverse relations and edit your data with safety.

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How much does Prisma cost?


Disclaimer: Last updated is 5 months ago. Always refer to https://www.prisma.io for Prisma updates.

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