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What is Papyrs ?

Build a beautiful wiki/intranet site with drag&drop or markdown. Easily share knowledge within your team or company.

🛠 Papyrs's Features

What can developer do with Papyrs

Secure Login

Papyrs is built for securely sharing internal knowledge. Your organization's internal site is protected by logins, a secure connection and encryption at rest.


All your data is backed up to prevent data loss. You can also export your data at any time by downloading a backup.

World Class Support

We're obsessive about the quality of our customer support. We can answer all your questions and help you out whenever you get stuck.

Drag&drop Page Editor

Easy-to-use so anyone can contribute. Great for sharing any content, from documentation and media to visual dashboards.

Powerful Search

Search through all your pages, files, discussions and forms. Find everything back in an instant.


Have discussions with colleagues and clients directly on Papyrs pages. Email updates keep people automatically up to date.


Ensure staff or clients only see content they have access to with straightforward permission settings.

Version History

Track and visually compare changes, see what's new. Don't worry about overwriting content and restore previous pages/file versions.


Subscribe to email notifications on updates you care about. See what changes have been made to a page at a glance.


Change the look & feel of Papyrs to match the style of your company. Set a logo, banner, colors and more.


Organize your site into workspaces with their own pages, people and settings. Create subsites around a topic, team or project.

Activity Stream

See what's new and view all recent activity in a quick overview, like new pages, updates, form submissions or discussions.


Automate tasks, link Papyrs to other tools with Zapier, or create your own custom workflows


Securely share files by uploading files or images with drag& drop. Attach files to pages, form records, or comments. Individual files can be up to 512MB.

Staff Directory

A social intranet with an employee Directory and User Profile cards

Unlimited pages

Papyrs pages can contain text, files, forms, and more. See the available widgets below for details.

Views and reactions

See which pages are most popular and give feedback to authors. Enable Google Analytics integration for more usage stats.

Dozens of page widgets

Images, checklists, tables, navigation, comments, polls/voting, embeds, social media, code snippets and much more.

Page Layouts

Create beautiful pages with custom layouts, like multiple columns or grids.

Mobile access

Take your intranet with you with iOS & Android PWA apps.


For the power users who prefer editing with a markup language: you can toggle between Markdown and visual editing at any time!

Command Palette

Use keyboard shortcuts and the command palette with auto-complete and slash-commands to edit like a pro.


Speaking of keyboard shortcuts.. Press @ to link to and create new pages on the fly, without interrupting writing.


Copy pages, create a new page using built-in templates, or define your own templates. Overriding the default template with your own is possible, too.

Digest email notifications

Keep track of changes in subsites you're following using notifications, either in real-time or in a daily summary.

Customizable menu bar

Add global navigation by creating a menu bar with links to pages, folders, custom dropdown menus and external links.

Folders and Tags

Keep pages organized in a hierarchical structure with folders and subfolders. Add navigation widgets to a page that automatically show part of the hierarchy.


Need to share part of your intranet with clients? Invite guests to a subsite, or make it public. Great for product knowledge bases, getting feedback and sharing work.

User Roles

Run it open or closed. Invite people to a subsite to access its content. Give them view-only or edit rights. Make someone Admin to give them access to settings.


Make it easy to onboard teams. Allow everyone to join automatically using SSO or based on your company's domain. Allow subsites to be joined automatically, or make them invite-only.

Slack integration

Papyrs integrates with Slack: search your Papyrs knowledge base directly from Slack or post new notes. Log on to Papyrs with your Slack account.

Google Workspace (G Suite) integration

Use SSO and link to (or embed) files/docs/sheets directly from Google Drive. Embed YouTube videos and Google Calendars.

💰 Papyrs's Pricing

How much does Papyrs cost?

Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 16.20.38.png

Disclaimer: Last updated is 10 months ago. Always refer to https://papyrs.com for Papyrs updates.

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