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What is OtterTune ?

OtterTune is an AI tool that automates database tuning and solves configuration problems to optimize PostgreSQL & MySQL performance and lowers costs.

🛠 OtterTune's Features

What can developer do with OtterTune

Automated MySQL Tuning

This is where OtterTune can help. OtterTune automated database tuning service uses artificial intelligence to automatically tune MySQL databases. It monitors the behavior of each database, such as workload, data growth, and schema migrations, and then provides recommendations to ensure that your system adheres to best practices. OtterTune optimizes MySQL’s system variables, also known as configuration knobs, to enhance its performance. It additionally provides tuning advice for indexes, queries, and cloud configuration, all without requiring any adjustments to your application.

Automated PostgreSQL Tuning

OtterTune has been using artificial intelligence to care for PostgreSQL databases for years. It watches each database’s behavior (e.g., workload, data growth, schema migrations) and provides recommendations that help you make sure your system is running with best practices. OtterTune optimizes PostgreSQL’s setting parameters (knobs) to improve price/performance. It also provides tuning recommendations for indexes, queries, and cloud configuration. All without having to make changes to your application.

💰 OtterTune's Pricing

How much does OtterTune cost?

$110 monthly or $1,200 annually

Disclaimer: Last updated is 2 months ago. Always refer to https://ottertune.com for OtterTune updates.

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