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What is Kysely ?

Kysely let’s you write type-safe SQL queries. This eliminates entire classes of errors and let’s you sleep peacefully at night.

🛠 Kysely's Features

What can developer do with Kysely

Type-safe SQL queries

Kysely let's you write type-safe SQL queries. This eliminates entire classes of errors and let's you sleep peacefully at night.

No magic, just SQL

Kysely is a light abstraction layer over SQL. This makes it easy to reason about performance, and reduces the amount of concepts you need to learn to be proficient with the library.

Great autocompletion

By exposing your database schema to the TypeScript compiler, you get autocompletion on table names, column names, aliases, etc.

Multi-dialect support

PostgreSQL, MySQL, or SQLite? We've got you covered. There's also a growing ecosystem of 3rd party dialects, including PlanetScale, D3, SurrealDB, and more.

Runs on every environment

Kysely runs on node.js, the browser, serverless and edge environments, even on Deno!

Extensible core

Kysely comes with a plugin system that lets you extend the core with your own functionality.

💰 Kysely's Pricing

How much does Kysely cost?

Open source and free

Disclaimer: Last updated is 7 months ago. Always refer to https://kysely.dev for Kysely updates.

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