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About Heroku Postgres

Deploy data-driven apps using Heroku’s managed database as a service for PostgreSQL with operational expertise built in, security by default, and more.

🛠 Heroku Postgres's Features

What can developer do with Heroku Postgres

Heroku's operational experience applied to data

Heroku’s expertise comes from running Postgres in the cloud for over 12 years and operating millions of data stores today. We have engineers on call to help debug and restore with 24x7x365 support, as well as product managers engaged in your use cases and needs.

Scale on demand

Peaks and valleys in demand are business as usual for data-driven apps. With Heroku Postgres, handling them is simple. Our managed PostgreSQL fleet responds swiftly to your apps’ changing traffic patterns, seamlessly scaling up and down in line with your database resource requirements.

Do more with your data

As a fully managed service, Heroku Postgres allows you to focus on getting the most out of your data without the admin overhead. Follower instances and database forks turn your data into an agile resource that’s available for safe experimentation with alternative use cases. Instances dedicated to analytics, new data strategies, development instances, and data warehousing are ready to go in just a few clicks.

Secure & compliant

The Heroku platform is built for security from the ground up in compliance with key ​industry standards​ for data protection. For apps in regulated industries, ​Heroku Shield Postgres​ delivers PCI and HIPAA compliance. As threats evolve, our DevOps team takes care of patching and security configuration so you can focus on building your app. Where data is particularly sensitive, you can bring your own encryption key to ensure its safety.

💰 Heroku Postgres's Pricing

How much does Heroku Postgres cost?

Hobby Dev: Free

  • RAM 0 bytes
  • Row Limit 10K
  • Storage Capacity 1GB
  • Connection Limit 20

Hobby Basic: $9 per month

  • RAM 0 bytes
  • Row Limit 10M
  • Storage Capacity 10GB
  • Connection Limit 20
  • Continous Protection

Standard: $50 or above monthly

  • RAM 4GB - 8GB
  • Database Forks
  • No row limit
  • Storage Capacity 64Gb - 256GB
  • Connection Limit 120 - 400
  • Continous Protection
  • Burstable Performance

Premium: $200 or above monthly

  • RAM 4GB - x
  • Database Forks
  • No row limit
  • Storage Capacity 64Gb - x
  • Connection Limit 120 - x
  • High Availability
  • Continous Protection
  • Burstable Performance


  • Available at custom prices.


See heroku's Postgre's pricing list for more detail offer

Disclaimer: Last updated is 1 month ago. Always refer to https://www.heroku.com/postgres for Heroku Postgres updates.

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