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What is goless ?

Automate web browser actions with our web automation tools. Simplify your daily tasks with automated workflows and save time. Try it for free!

πŸ›  goless's Features

What can developer do with goless

Goless Features:

πŸ‘‹Meet the Goless platform, designed to automate and scrape web data on the Internet, eliminating the shortcomings of existing browser extensions.

Let me briefly summarize what we have achieved:

AI Integration: We have integrated the well-known GPT chatbot into our automations. Which can, for example, respond according to specified parameters to your messages in mail or Facebook and also perform many other tasks.

Anti-Captcha: We have added an anti-Captcha system. So you can say goodbye to annoying captchas that cause inconvenience and only slow you down. Integration with Google Sheets: Provided convenient and trouble-free data transfer and organization.

Integration with Google Sheets: Provided convenient and trouble-free data transfer and organization.

This is just a small part of what we've done to make your web tasks easy and efficient.

πŸ’° goless's Pricing

How much does goless cost?

πŸ’ΈGoless Pricing:

Free Plan: Use all workflows on the marketplace for free, the amount of use is not limited.

Private Workflows: Use private workflows with GPT chat bot integration. You can use them multiple times for free. Next you need to purchase a subscription

For the most current updates and pricing details, we recommend visiting https://goless.com/pricing

Disclaimer: Last updated is 2 months ago. Always refer to https://goless.com for goless updates.

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