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What is Drizzle ORM ?

Drizzle ORM is a TypeScript ORM for SQL databases designed with maximum type safety in mind. Drizzle ORM is meant to be a library, not a framework. It stays as an opt-in solution all the time at any levels.

🛠 Drizzle ORM's Features

What can developer do with Drizzle ORM

  • Full type safety
  • Smart automated migrations generation
  • No ORM learning curve
  • SQL-like syntax for table definitions and queries
  • Best in class fully typed joins
  • Fully typed partial and non-partial selects of any complexity
  • Auto-inferring of TS types for DB models for selections and insertions separately
  • Zod schema generation
  • Zero dependencies

💰 Drizzle ORM's Pricing

How much does Drizzle ORM cost?

Open source and free

Disclaimer: Last updated is 3 weeks ago. Always refer to https://github.com/drizzle-team/drizzle-orm for Drizzle ORM updates.

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