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What is Cloudflare Workers ?

Cloudflare Workers has changed the way we build our apps. We don’t have to think about regions, we just deploy code and it runs seamlessly around the world.

🛠 Cloudflare Workers's Features

What can developer do with Cloudflare Workers

Automatic scaling

No more configuring auto-scaling, load balancers, or paying for capacity you don’t use. Traffic is automatically routed and load balanced across thousands of servers. Sleep well as your code scales effortlessly.

High performance global network

Every deploy is made to a network of data centers running V8 isolates. Your code is powered by Cloudflare’s network which is milliseconds away from virtually every Internet user.

Write in JS, Rust, C, and C++

Choose from a template in your language to kickstart building an app, creating a function, or writing an API. We have templates, tutorials, and a CLI to get you up and running in no time.

Support for 0ms cold starts

Most serverless platforms experience a cold start every time you deploy or your service increases in popularity. Workers can run your code instantly, without cold starts.

Exceptionally affordable

The first 100,000 requests each day are free and paid plans start at just $5/10 million requests, making Workers as much as ten-times less expensive than other serverless platforms.

No servers to maintain

Spend more time building, less time configuring. No VMs, no servers, and no containers to spin up or manage. Deploy using our CLI, web interface, or API.

Static assets with dynamic power

Say goodbye to build steps which pre-generate thousands of assets in advance. Harness the unrivaled raw power of the edge to generate images, SVGs, PDFs, whatever you need, on the fly, and deliver them to users as quickly as a static asset.

💰 Cloudflare Workers's Pricing

How much does Cloudflare Workers cost?

Open source

Disclaimer: Last updated is 7 months ago. Always refer to https://workers.cloudflare.com for Cloudflare Workers updates.

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