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What is CloudCannon ?

Empower your marketing team with visual content editing and delight your development team with a fantastic developer experience β€” all powered by the CloudCannon Git-based CMS.

πŸ›  CloudCannon's Features

What can developer do with CloudCannon

Content editing for everyone

Everyone can edit and build professional pages visually with CloudCannon. Empower non-technical team members to work independently without developer assistance.

Built for developers

Focus on the frontend with a CMS that doesn’t compromise your developer experience. With Git at the core, developers and content teams share the same workflows.

Work is better together.

Actively collaborate with all of your team members β€” developers, content editors, and everyone else β€” with customizable workflows, and the benefits of Git for everyone.

Get the edge

Deliver websites that feel instant for every visitor. Deploy on modern global infrastructure, without setting up a single server.

πŸ’° CloudCannon's Pricing

How much does CloudCannon cost?


For small teams who want to use our core features. $45 / month


For teams with more advanced editing workflows. $250 / month


For large organizations with advanced compliance and security requirements. Custom

Disclaimer: Last updated is 11 months ago. Always refer to https://cloudcannon.com for CloudCannon updates.

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