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What is aviator ?

Avoid broken builds, long code-reviews, cumbersome merge processes and flaky tests. Put your mundane, frustrating workflows on autopilot.

🛠 aviator's Features

What can developer do with aviator

Automate cumbersome merge processes

Monorepo: Merge into a monorepo without stepping on other developer’s toes with Aviator’s MergeQueue. Polyrepos and microservices: Merge changes that touch multiple repos with Aviator’s ChangeSets.

Improve code velocity

Ship large code-changes in multiple increments of small PRs with Aviator’s Stacked PRs. Use Stacked PRs to review code faster. Manage cross-PR dependencies to keep things from breaking while you work.

Stay on top of flaky tests

Let Aviator’s TestDeck proactively detect flaky tests. Automatically rerun flaky tests using smart preconfigured rules. Stay on top of the biggest offenders with Aviator’s Test-Health analytics.

Monitor build systems health and identify bottlenecks

Understand the time it takes to go from writing code to deployment. Keep tabs on build systems health and get alerted on anomalies. Identify bottlenecks and improve time to production.

💰 aviator's Pricing

How much does aviator cost?

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 05.52.00.pngScreen Shot 2023-08-09 at 05.52.00.png

Disclaimer: Last updated is 1 month ago. Always refer to https://www.aviator.co for aviator updates.

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